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Camera for Twitter: tweet your pics with one click!

Camera for Twitter for BlackBerry SmartphonesA few weeks ago we wrote about Camera for Facebook by S4BB Limited. Inspired by the success of that app they’ve now released Camera for Twitter. The principle is the same; you open the app, take a picture, add a description, hit the upload button and voila, the pic is being uploaded to your twitter feed. A clean user interface, and the fact that it works as advertised make this app a must have for enthusiast Tweeters. The price is the same as Camera for Facebook: $2.99. Once again, for that money you a have a high quality, ad free application. Having both apps now, the only downside I can think of it is that you have to decide on forehand whether you want to Tweet or Facebook your picture. Would be awesome if S4BB Limited would release an application that allows you to upload your photos to Facebook & Twitter simultaneously (hint hint). Then again, if you integrate your Twitter account with your Facebook page you can upload pictures with Camera for Twitter to both media.

Camera for Twitter is compatible with all BlackBerry Smartphones running OS 6.0 and up, you can download it here.