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Analysts at Macquaire Capital Markets sees opportunity in RIM

Recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of negative stories about how RIM isn’t doing that great. A lot of analysts and investors are taking a closer look at RIM’s performance and reevaluating whether RIM is performing that well. However, analysts from Macquaire Capital Markets recently released a report that saids the opposite. They see potential in the company and see potential growth in the company as well.

Macquaire says that, even though the company is not doing so well in the key North American market last quarter, the company’s international performance in the fiscal first quarter grew 86% from the same quarter a year earlier. The firm has faith that RUM will continue to succeed in the international market.

For more information and further analysis, you can take a look at the article that BGR put together regarding this matter.
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5 Things RIM Needs to do for Rebuilding BlackBerry Consumer Loyalty

As most of you have noticed, RIM has been steadily declining for the last couple of years. N4BB.com has prepared a nice piece of article about top 5 reasons of what might be causing RIM’s decline in consumer loyalty and how they can change it. Sadly, I have to agree with most of the points mentioned and RIM need to address these matters to improve consumer loyalty and become more competitive in the smartphone market.

Read the article yourself and see if you agree. Okay… the article is rather chunky, in long paragraphs, but give it your best shot.

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RIM’s Taking the Lead with 42% Smartphone Market Share in Canada

Despite the negative publicity that RIM has been having, RIM’s BlackBerrys are the most popular smartphones in Canada, ahead of devices from rivals Apple Inc. and Google Inc., according to a new report on the Canadian mobile industry from market research firm ComScore Inc.

RIM’s BlackBerry devices accounted for 42% of all smartphones in Canada in March, followed by Apple with 31% and Android with 12.2%. Nokia Corp.’s Symbian operating system finished in the No. 4 with 6.4% while Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Phone software now powers 5.1% of Canadian smartphones. (Barely existent in the market.)
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BlackBerry PlayBook 1-month Review

Nate, from PlayBook Daily, did a 1-month market review of the BlackBerry PlayBook. He goes over what has happened during the last month of the first release of the PlayBook. He also goes offer how he uses the PlayBook during this month as a busy working journalist. Most importantly, he lists the number of errors and bug fixes with the PlayBook. Interesting video, you’ll start nodding your head while you watch this video, cause you’ll start agreeing with what he saids.
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MobFinance Worldwide Edition – Keeping a closer eye on your portfolio

To give you a further insight on the apps I’ve mentioned Top 10 Blackberry Apps for Money & Finance for the following week, I am going to talk about each of the apps one-by-one. Here’s the 6th one on the list: MobFinance Worldwide Edition.

MobFinance is a powerful stock tracking and portfolio management program that allows investors, fund managers, finance professionals and others to monitor their portfolios in 56 worldwide stock exchange markets by retrieving stick quotes and live charts directly to your BlackBerry.

It offers a broad range of trade information about stocks, mutual funds, and derivatives from 56 worldwide stock exchanges. With MobFinance, an investor can monitor his entire portfolio by retrieving stock quotes and live charts showing intraday, weekly and 12 month graphs, as well as today’s headlines through Internet directly from your mobile phone anywhere at any time. Its data charts also enable an investor to observe the price trend and capture momentum.

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Kcast Gold Live – Top Market Indicator Application

Back in December 2010, I published an article about the Top 10 Blackberry Apps for Money & Finance and listed the 10 money apps for you to try out. For the following week, I am going to talk about each of the apps one-by-one. Here’s the 10th one on the list: Kcast Gold Live.

Kcast is a FREE for download BlackBerry application that deliver live Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Rhodium, Base Metals, Oil and Indices quotes and a market price indicator right on your application icon. It provides current, relevant and critical market information in your BlackBerry smartphone.

The application features: precious metals and base metals prices, the London Fix, informative charts and data, oil and indices quotes, currencies, technical charts, mining stocks, home page in multiple currencies and units of measure all in one free and easy-to-use application that features customizable home page, time zones and refresh rates.

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RIM’s CEO Fights Criticisms

We’ve been hearing a lot of negative news about RIM in the last month, even after the announcement of the official release date of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Rim’s Co-CEO, Mike Lazaridis, has told the New York Times “I don’t fully understand why there’s this negative sentiment, and I just don’t have the time to battle it. Because in the end, what I have learned is you have just got to prove it over and over and over.” RIM’s stock price fell to almost $52 on the TSE after reporting disappointed earnings in the current quarter, last month.

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BlackBerry AppWorld Report Release – All You Need To Know To Succeed In The BlackBerry Market/Industry

This is an exciting news for all BlackBerry developers and marketers, the first issue of BlackBerry App World Report – February 2011, was published and available for sale a few days ago. This report provides all the statistical data from BlackBerry App World. It displays figures of BlackBerry applications on BlackBerry App World, what are the most popular applications, what category of applications are most popular, App World internal statistics and more.

The data mostly consists of publicly available data from BlackBerry App World Statistics on customer behavior are gathered from anatomized data without revealing quantitative values from particular vendors. All data used in this report has relevant statistical base.

We have purchased a copy of the report to see what’s it all about and worth buying or not. Here are some highlights of the report:

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Taking stock of the situation

With the impending financial crisis and excessive precautionary methods being taken by both investors and the company alike, it has become a necessity to have a good knowledge of the activities of the stock market no matter where you are. This knowledge could be the savior which can save one from bankruptcy and help maintain a balanced growth rate even at times of strife. There are several applications that are being designed for mobile phones that have the sole purpose of informing the user of the changes I n the stock market and help him keep a watch of the most volatile commodities on the stock market. An application such as the Stockstream mobile for Blackberry phones comes as a blessing in disguise.

Stock house, the developers of the application, have been working on the latest software for smart phones that will help keep its users abreast of the changing market conditions around them. Stockstream mobile as it is aptly titled will be intent on doing one thing, that is keep the user informed of all that is happening in the stock market including the day’s trading and buying information. The application, in order to ensure secure results and gain customer satisfaction uses on Reuters data, data that cannot be questioned for its accuracy and reliability. Apart from containing the usuals that a stock application is expected to provide, there are several additional options that will enable its user to gain information from anywhere in the world. Valuable information before investing such as company profiles etc can be right from the application in order to get a good idea about the company. Global equities are provided as standard fare and there is also a forecast that is available predicting the future conditions of the selected stock. One can keep as list of volatile stock on the screen and view it every time the user logs into the account. There is very easy and quick accessibility at the core of operations that ensures no user spends unnecessary time figuring things out. The application also boasts intra day and historical data that brings data from a long time frame so that the user can get a better idea of where the stocks are headed.

Stockstream mobile is one of the most innovative and informative applications that is available for a Blackberry phone. With its customizable view lists and navigation, one can get a firm idea of how things are shaping up in the stock market from anywhere, anytime. Download it here.

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