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Daily Quote 3.0 for BlackBerry released

App Stalker for BlackBerry SmartphonesS4BB Limited has released a new version of Daily Quote; Daily Quote 3.0 for BlackBerry® Smartphones. As I like quotes I have had Daily Quote installed for quite a while now. One of the “problems” of the old version was that there weren’t as many quotes. As a result you’d get after a while the same daily quotes you got a month ago. The new version contains thousands of new quotes, proverbs and funny facts as well. The layout also had a dramatic makeover. The new style fits the app very well and looks like a chalkboard or pebble with a chalk style font on top of it.

With the 3.0 version you’re able to set up daily notifications for your daily quote, a nice way to kick of your day with some food for thought for breakfast. Sharing your favorite quotes is now possible as well; via BBM™, SMS and email. Daily Quote 3.0 is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.7 and up and is available for free at BlackBerry App World™.

New Magazines for PlayBook Available!

Magazines for BlackBerry PlayBookS4BB Limited published today two new Digital Magazines for PlayBook™: Real Estate Magazine and Stocks Magazine. Besides these new magazines, they’ve updated all the existing ones. The user interface is improved: the first line has now 4 items as well and the titles don’t overlap any more. Also, all magazines are now available for free the first 30 days.

The new update really improves the magazines a lot. At first the first item row (see picture) looked somewhat odd. The content is fresh and up to date. I’m subscribed to the Photography Magazine and the Tablet & Smartphone Magazine (obviously…) and both magazines are a good read during breakfast. I’ll definitely check out the Real Estate and Stocks magazines as well, specially as they’re free the first 30 days ;). All Magazines are compatible with BlackBerry® Tablet 2.0 and up and BlackBerry® 10 devices. Have a look here for the full range of titles.