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BlackBerry Torch in Korean

I just changed the standard language of my Torch to Korean and also set up a custom font on there. It looks so cool, that I just wanted to share some screen shots with you! :)

In case you want to get that app: App Stalker for BlackBerry

In case you want to get that app: Battery Watch for BlackBerry

If you have some cool screen shots of app, feel free to share them on our Facebook page.

ActionPad for BlackBerry Beta 10 – Pre-Release Screenshots! (Chinese / Japanese / Unicode Memo Encryption)

I managed to get some pre-release screenshots of the ActionPad for BlackBerry program which is some kind of a next-generation MemoPad for BlackBerry smartphones!

Some ActionPad Core Features are:

  • 1 Click Category Switch
  • 1 Click Memo Creation (N)
  • Native BlackBerry Integration
  • Memo Encryption

You can find more information on the actual program website: ActionPad for BlackBerry
(You also get a free download of the app there :))

ActionPad Beta 10 - Pre-Release Screenshots ActionPad Beta 10 - Pre-Release Screenshots

It seems they fixed the encryption bug for non-English text which will make our Chinese Buddies very happy I guess :)

I don’t know what the other improvements will be over the last beta 9 (v0.8.1) which they released about 3 weeks ago. Will keep you guys posted on this! I hope the new version comes soon! I am so excited! 😎

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