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White BlackBerry Bold 9900

WHITE BlackBerry Bold 9900 Release Date & Pictures

Exciting! Exciting! Exciting! We’ve been hearing a lot of news for the past few days about release dates of new BlackBerry devices; including the White BlackBerry Bold 9900. From various sources, we hear that the new white Bold will be available on Amazon UK on October 15th and it landing on eBay UK as well.

But what’s it gonna look like? Is the carbon fibre battery cover going to be white as well? We, at BlackBerryInsight, decided to take matters in our own hands! We’ve created our own version of BlackBerry Bold 9900 in WHITE!

We’ve spent hours trying to come up with different variations of which part of the phone is white, which part isn’t. Our the toughest part was whether or no the battery cover should be white. (It came out really…) Finally, we came out with the finished product that we think looks best. Enjoy!

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How To: Find suitable PlayBook accessories to fit your personal style and needs

This article is part of the How To: Personalize your BlackBerry PlayBook article series, read other related How To articles.

Even though the PlayBook sleeve that came with the tablet is nice, but I would also like to customize my PlayBook a little bit with some accessories. Accessories such as covers, stands, protectors, and so on; you get what I mean? I am sure there are some of you out there that thinks the same way. We’ve introduced a few PlayBook accessories so far (such as the Arkon Portable Fold-up Stand) on BlackBerryInsight and will continue to do so.

You can also find a numer of BlackBerry PlayBook Accessories on Amazon for a very decent price. Or you can check out the official BlackBerry PlayBook accessories website, but I recommend you pick what you want from this site and get it on Amazon cause it’s usually cheaper.

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Super-fy your Super Search 2.0 Application

Few weeks ago, I published an article – Super Search on your SuperBerry, about a new BlackBerry application called Super Search for all OS 6 users. They have just updated the application to version 2.0 with some nice new features.

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Super Search on your SuperBerry

If your BlackBerry is running the BlackBerry OS6, you are in for a treat for a new application that I am about to tell you about. Super Search for BlackBerry is the ultimate search app! Just start typing and search any website on the Internet! It it’s a very easy app to use and allows your to search for what you want more conveniently.

Super Search integrates with the BlackBerry 6’s internal universal search. You can even create your own search with just two clicks from within your browser. See in-app instructions on how to do that.


  • Quick search by just start typing
  • 8 pre-defined searches
  • Add your own custom search (integrated into browser)

Pre-defined Searches:

  • eBay
  • Flickr
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia
  • Leo (English-German translation)
  • Alibaba B2B Search
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy

Super Search is a free application. Try it out and leave a comment. Test it our to see if it’s really that… SUPER!

Download Super Search on BlackBerry App World

Built for BlackBerry – Providing Reliable BlackBerry Accessories To All Users

Research In Motion has just launched their Built For BlackBerry program. It is a program that suggests BlackBerry accessories to all BlackBerry users from the world’s top accessory makers (RIM’s partners). These accessories are tested by RIM to make sure its quality and craftsmanship are at its finest. The Built for BlackBerry official site gives your links to the accessory maker’s site so you can make instant purchases fro there.

But in my personal opinion, it is nice to know what accessories that RIM recommends, but you can probably get them for much cheaper at places like Amazon.

Official Built for BlackBerry Website

BlackBerry Accessories on Amazon

BlackBerry Torch 9800 For ONLY 1 Cent!

Check it out ladies and gentlemen. You can get your BlackBerry Torch 9800 at Amazon Wireless for $0.01. All it requires is for you to sign up on a 2-year service plan with AT&T. The phone is available in black, white, and red. Get it before the deal is over.

The BlackBerry Torch 9800 is the first BlackBerry smartphone to feature the highly anticipated BlackBerry 6 OS, the BlackBerry Torch offers a unique design that features a hi-resolution touchscreen display, slide-down full QWERTY keyboard, and optical trackpad. Packed with business tools as well as socially connected apps, the Torch also provides a desktop-like browsing experience via its 3.2-inch touchscreen, which enables you to navigate quickly through full-page views, multitask with tabbed browsing, and see the details with Pinch to Zoom.

Get your BlackBerry Torch 9800 so you can hook it up with your new Sound Freaq Sound System.

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China Mobile Launches BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS)

Just yesterday, RIM announced that they are launching their BlackBerry Internet Service(BIS) for individual users BlackBerry users. Starting this month, users can sign up for it at China Mobile, however, the service plan does not come with a phone. Users will have to purchase their own BlackBerry device separately. The plans are said to be priced at RMB 98 and 108 per month, offering 30Mb and 50Mb of BlackBerry internet traffic. The lowest-priced plan for enterprise users are RMB 198 per month. No idea why China Mobile BIS plans doesn’t come with a device, but you can always buy it off Amazon.

BlackBerry SmartPhones For Sale on Amazon

Start Shopping on Your BlackBerry Amazon Application Today

For all the online shopaholics that stay home all day to browse on the internet for things to buy, you can step outta your house now. Because Amazon has just released their BlackBerry application earlier this week. So now you can shop on Amazon wherever you are, as long as you have your BlackBerry with you. The application is absolutely free and it is easy to use. You will probably get the hang of it within the first few minutes of downloading it because the user interface is very similar to Amazon.com.

The application is very easy to download. You can either send a download link to your BlackBerry from your computer’s web browser or simply type “amazon.com/bb” into your BlackBerry browser to download it. But for some reason, you cannot download the Amazon application directly from BlackBerry App World. This is probably something Amazon should look into.

The interface is very similar to the Amazon website. However, they added a new feature that the website does not have called: Amazon Remember. It allows you take a picture with your BlackBerry and upload the photo to Amazon.com, where the photo is used to search for similar products. Once the photo search results appear, you can either purchase the product right away or put into your “Remember” folder where you can chose to purchase later. This can come in handy when you are out shopping for something and you want to compare the prices between your local store and Amazon. Other than the new Amazon Remember feature, the application obviously has other purchasing features like Shopping Carts, Wish List, Gold Box, and Account Information; that you will find on Amazon.com as well.

The application is great, but there are usually still room for improvement no matter how great users think an application is. Some critics commented that it would be great if Amazon can integrate AmazonMP3 and Amazon Unbox into this application, I agree with this. Android handsets can download MP3s from Amazon using AmazonMP3 store already, why can’t BlackBerry? But I guess this is something they are going to do in their next application update. So, I hope they don’t disappoint us and perhaps even surprise us with new features on their application. Other than that, I think this is a great application and it might cause me to buy more stuff from Amazon cause it’s so convenient.

Click here to download Amazon BlackBerry application

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Now enjoy Kindle books on your BlackBerry

kindleIf you are an avid reader of books and find the concept of reading books on an e-reader interesting, then you must have heard of the Kindle digital book reader. If you don’t have the device with you, don’t be upset because now you can enjoy reading them on your BlackBerry smartphone!

In March 2009, the iPhone was the first phone which got the privilege of the e-reader application on their phones. Sure the idea caught the fancy of others and the demand for a similar application for the BlackBerry smartphones was inevitable. In keeping with the demand, this year finally saw the release of the application for the smartphones delivered from Research In Motion. At present the application will be available only for the Americans. It is not known for sure whether the company has any future plans to extend the application for users in other countries as well.

The application is a fun one, allowing users of the BlackBerry smartphones to savour the joy of reading the Amazon Kindle books in their phones. The Vice-President of Kindle Amazon, Ian Freed expressed is joy in being able to fulfill the wish of the BlackBerry smartphone owners to be able to have an application like that of the iPhone. He also wished that users would love the ease and the fun of reading and enjoying Kindle books on their phones. That seems to hold true! Using the application users can download the Kindle books from the Amazon Kindle bookstore right to their phones.

This free application will just add to the excitement of the users with the range of books that it exposes the users to. The application will let users to enjoy over 420,000 books. Thus users can read the books that have been purchased using their Kindle or even choose to buy new books. So even if you don’t have a Kindle e-book reader with you, you can make good use of your BlackBerry smartphone and start enjoying the books on your phone. You can even enjoy the privilege of purchasing e-books from the Amazon store where you can get the books at prices that stand at about $10.

With similar applications lined up for the Mac and iPad and new functionalities, like the ability to search books and to move between books, likely to be incorporated, the application will make the joy of reading books even more pleasurable.

Website: Kindle for BlackBerry

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Amazon: Kindle for BlackBerry App “Coming Soon”

The day is not very far when users of BlackBerry smartphones can get access to their Kindle digital-book library. The news of a free Kindle for BlackBerry mobile application had been doing the rounds since a few months. However, the date as to when the application will be available for download is still not available. Presently, the Kindle page shows a BlackBerry icon on top of the words “coming soon”. Till then we can only wait anxiously for the day when the users of BlackBerry smartphones will get access to a whole range of Kindle and many other books.

At present, Apple’s iPhone is the sole major smartphone with an official Kindle mobile application. The BlackBerry smartphones will soon join the league to become the second platform to get a Kindle application. kindle-app-for-blackberryThere is some more news in this regards on Amazon.com page. Apart from the application for BlackBerry, it is also known that a new Kindle software for Macintosh computers will also be released. These applications will surely enrich one’s reach of quality books.

However, there’s something more to it. This is not going to be the first electronic reader for the BlackBerry platform. Prior to the Kindle for BlackBerry, eReader and Mobipocket are two applications that are quite popular and allow access to digital libraries. But in terms of use, Amazon’s Kindle far exceeds both of them. Moreover, eReader and Mobipocket doesn’t allow users to read Kindle books. They need to be purchased from the applications’ respective online stores.

The phone’s display screen size also plays a role in the reading experience. The iPhone has a screen which is just enough for reading. Reading lengthy novels on the iPhone can be tiresome and dreary. So it is going to be attention-grabbing to find out how Amazon translates the Kindle experience to the comparatively smaller screen sizes of the BlackBerry phones. The RIM devices like the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2 will most likely be the ideal devices for this application owing to their large screen sizes and the touch-screen navigation feature. With the other BlackBerry phones with smaller displays, the experience can be frustrating and trying, the outcome remains to be seen.

Kindle for an iPhone user does not allow access to Kindle content besides novels like magazine subscriptions and blogs. It can be expected that it will be the same for BlackBerry users as well.

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