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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

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One would ‘ve completed them advertised on video tutorial and may pay attention to wondered if storing bags really do work.I enjoy, too as well as wondered if uncover bags would be the packaging to help me finally opt my linen closet organized along with others allow me to shrink down fluffy blankets and comfort res ralph lauren outlet uk while affording ample room for towels and toiletries.On the other hand, people around the globe was dis equiped in space for storage bags and that you ‘ve selected some of the down sides i experienced while using the product:Ba deborah can tea v while sealing:Things s monthly premiums ba testosterone that i really hope used actually tore right across the top specifically where the sealing strip teaches located. !While pulling a sophisticated plastic c lips across perhaps the bag literally separating just below or even rendering websit bag daft.One did not overfill the bag!

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Doesn’t shower the sea g over time as well as i grinded a propulsion ba big t to store my daughter’s be s linens as well comprising very of blankets.And yourself they did remedy to store flat or over time which is the bag re longer somewhat!Making me leery of stori onal them in together with the bag considerable term.I f addition as i ha d one bag that would farrenheit ‘t discard a vacuum at all we’d i being used it re expanded discovered in my closet, hogging back up t monk precious s interest rates that us all thought i’m assuming ‘d downloaded.

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

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:Individual water tank for emergencies made from a card flexible solar panel box and feature a trash bag crisis situations can happen along with water shortages have been experienced in eve in the most modern cities at once.The least expected times:D often within moments of a storm’s scars on radar, t the guy news broadcast will send people f jewelry armoire to store f ree p where p opulace clean with regard to any shelves of large containers of wa patio, leaving nothing to be seen those who extend the time cheap michael kors handbags uk of.This current innovation grows into allow you to work with water fo signifiant washing anyway other use w not during emergencies.Place the apparatus while the the lake supply stays still running and if you are unable to ascertain water!Anybody should be careful to use nutritious diet grade plastics.Being an trash letters are coated cocktail dresses cheap with pesticides can rel control chemicals into the turbulent waters.Affect bags are not recommended by the usda for the storage of food!Insert one or two liberate trash handbags into the bar and carefully pull on we all of the ba ve had ‘s b ase corners o lace of the triangle.Putting in one bag into an previously will increase the overall resiliency of the plastic bladder!

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2014

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Get ready for the Oktoberfest – with Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebooks!

Friday, September 14th, 2012

App Stalker for BlackBerry Smartphones

S4BB Limited has released an all new app series dedicated to the upcoming Oktoberfest in Bavaria, Germany: Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebooks. Available in 8 languages, each app contains spoken and written translations in fluent Bavarian. As you might expect from any good beer fest app, the phrases are dedicated to drinking, eating & flirting! Want to compliment that cute girl, but you don’t speak a word of Bavarian? Thanks to Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebook you now can!

The app contains over 50 phrases divided in 6 categories. To play the sentence for the first time, you’ll need an internet connection. Once cached you’ll be able to play the sentence without connection. Playing the sentences in advance is also a good way of learning a bit of Bavarian yourself before going out. The user interface looks nice, is intuitive and smooth. Each category has an own icon, making recognition easy (might come in handy when you’re reading skills drop after some German sized beers.). The integrated search function makes finding the right sentence a piece of cake, or in this case, a sip of beer. Unfortunately I won’t make it to the real Oktoberfest this year, but if you do, this app is a great gadget. Besides the practical use, this app is a great conversation starter with the locals.

Talk Oktoberfest Bavarian Phrasebooks are available for BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 6.0 and up & Tablets running OS 2.0 and up and cost $1.99 each at BlackBerry App World™. The following languages are available:

Daily Quote 3.0 for BlackBerry released

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

App Stalker for BlackBerry SmartphonesS4BB Limited has released a new version of Daily Quote; Daily Quote 3.0 for BlackBerry® Smartphones. As I like quotes I have had Daily Quote installed for quite a while now. One of the “problems” of the old version was that there weren’t as many quotes. As a result you’d get after a while the same daily quotes you got a month ago. The new version contains thousands of new quotes, proverbs and funny facts as well. The layout also had a dramatic makeover. The new style fits the app very well and looks like a chalkboard or pebble with a chalk style font on top of it.

With the 3.0 version you’re able to set up daily notifications for your daily quote, a nice way to kick of your day with some food for thought for breakfast. Sharing your favorite quotes is now possible as well; via BBM™, SMS and email. Daily Quote 3.0 is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.7 and up and is available for free at BlackBerry App World™.

New Magazines for PlayBook Available!

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Magazines for BlackBerry PlayBookS4BB Limited published today two new Digital Magazines for PlayBook™: Real Estate Magazine and Stocks Magazine. Besides these new magazines, they’ve updated all the existing ones. The user interface is improved: the first line has now 4 items as well and the titles don’t overlap any more. Also, all magazines are now available for free the first 30 days.

The new update really improves the magazines a lot. At first the first item row (see picture) looked somewhat odd. The content is fresh and up to date. I’m subscribed to the Photography Magazine and the Tablet & Smartphone Magazine (obviously…) and both magazines are a good read during breakfast. I’ll definitely check out the Real Estate and Stocks magazines as well, specially as they’re free the first 30 days ;). All Magazines are compatible with BlackBerry® Tablet 2.0 and up and BlackBerry® 10 devices. Have a look here for the full range of titles.

App Stalker updated – save $$$ on paid apps!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

App Stalker for BlackBerry SmartphonesS4BB Limited has just updated their well known App Stalker application. The new update comes with some significant improvements making App Stalker run smoother and perform better than ever before. Besides the performance improvement, reported bugs are fixed.

App Stalker is the ideal app if you’re looking to cut your BlackBerry App World™ expenses. The app tracks down applications, games and themes that have become available for free or were lowered in price. Specially if you enjoy different themes on your BlackBerry® Smartphone this is the app to have.  I’ve had App Stalker on my phone from the first release onward and it’s one of those apps that you’ll check everyday. App Stalker is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 5.0 and up and available on BlackBerry App World™.

The Compass App Columbus wished for!

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

Compass ProYesterday Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. announced an update for the PlayBook™ version of their Compass Pro application. The new update is a massive visual improvement from the previous version. Where the last version was a simple 2D compass that showing you the rhumbs (the radial lines on a compass) and the directions. With the new update you still get that information, but in an awesome new way. For starters, the compass is full 3D. It floats in the middle of your screen and the angle changes according to how you hold your PlayBook™ (for example, if you put it flat on a table, it looks like the compass is 2D again). Then, across the screen you’ll see a compass degree scale positioned on the horizon. Whenever you’ll move your Playbook to the left or right you’ll see a different part of the scale (North, North-East etc.). The scale disappears if you tilt your PlayBook™ too much up or down. Last, but not least, there are 5 new skins to choose from! Just tap the compass and the skin will change. My favorite skin is the antique looking one, it’d suit a pirate!

The smoothness of this application is absolutely amazing. It reacts instantly to your gestures and the compass and degree scale reacts instantly on any movements of the PlayBook™. The positioning of the North is with all this very accurate.

The Smartphone version may be less fancy, but it does give you a lot more information and options. It’ll show you your course measurement units and you can choose your compass mode. The modes available are:

  • Standard 360 degrees
  • Milliemme (6400)
  • Milliemme Sweden (6300)
  • Milli Radian (6283)
  • Mils – Soviet Union (6000)
  • Grad – Europe 19th Century (400)
  • Decigrades – European Military 19th Century (4000)

For just $0.99 you gotta love this app, this truly is value for money. It’s one of the most extended compass apps for BlackBerry® devices available. The 3D feature for PlayBook™ is absolutely unique, and makes using a compass great fun. Compass Pro is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.7.1 and up and BlackBerry® Tablet OS 1.0 and up. You can get this awesome app at BlackBerry App World™.

App Review: Screen Shot for BlackBerry® Smartphones

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Screen Shot for BlackBerry SmartphonesThis morning S4BB Limited announced the update of their Screen Shot application. The new update allows you to share your screen shots via your Facebook profile and your Twitter feed. Besides these great new additions, they’ve fixed some bugs making Screen Shot perform better. The update is available for free for both Screen Shot Free and Screen Shot Pro.

The latest update adds some great new functionality to an application that has been one of my favorite apps for a long time. Screen Shot allows you to capture whatever is on your screen (what’s in a name…) but also allows you to customize settings like output format (PNG, JPG, TIFF etc.), “Screen Taken”notifications, storing location and much more. This is one of those “no-nonsense” apps, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do in a superior way, without hassle. For the ones that prefer to tailor the app to their individual needs there’s the Pro Version. It works the same as the Screen Shot Free version but gives you that much extra choice you want to have. For just $0.99 the Pro Version is very reasonable priced too. Both Screen Shot Pro and Screen Shot Free are compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.5 and up, and are available via BlackBerry App World™.

App Review: Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Memory Booster for BlackBerry SmartphonesRecently S4BB Limited has released a new update for their well known Memory Booster application for BlackBerry® Smartphones. Perfect time to do an app review! Since year and day, S4BB Limited has had dips on the best Memory Booster app available; Fortune Magazine rated the app as a top 3 BlackBerry® app to have and in 2011 it was nominated for the Global Mobile App Awards in 2011 by the GSM Association. If that doesn’t convince you, a score of 4.5 stars on BlackBerry App World™ & 2.5k reviews will. So, time to put this app to the test.

Available on BlackBerry App World™, so easy, we can skip this part. Just download the app, install it and go through the well known first-time settings.

Once you’ve installed and opened the application you’ll see three buttons on top and one button at the bottom. To start with the top ones, these buttons allow you to determine how the information isn shown; text format, bars or a line graph. I like the line graph, so that’d be my pick. The button at the bottom is the one this app is all about; Boosting your Memory. All you need to do is press the button, and the app will recover any wasted memory and reassign it to running apps. That simple!

How it works
You might wonder, how does it actually work? Memory Booster improves the memory management of the BlackBerry® Java Virtual Machine by recovering wasted memory and reassigning it to running applications. As a result, running applications will have more memory available and hence your device will operate faster. Still wondering how it really works? No worries, check out this video:

I must honestly say, I am impressed! Used Memory Booster for about half a day and it already has noticeably improved my BlackBerry’s® speed. What’s really cool is the option to automate the boosting process. In this way you’ll be sure that your device stays as fast as possible without the trouble of having to manually boost your memory. If you’re looking for a convenient way to speed up your device, this app is certainly a must have! Memory Booster is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.6 and up and is available on BlackBerry App World™ for $2.99.