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How to Trade in Your BlackBerry

We are all living in a world bound by the rules and regulations that we must consider in order to attain favorable circumstances. Sometimes, we follow these instructions to be accepted, to be in harmony with others, to do the right thing, and to avoid mistakes. These directions help us achieve our objectives and save us from losing the things that we cherish so much.

True enough, knowing such reminders are essential most especially when we engage in doing business with other people. Say for example, when we avail of online BlackBerry trade in services. Selling things online is the easiest and fastest way to go… So what are the things that we should know in engaging with this sort of activity?

When you are a BlackBerry handset owner and you would like to upgrade your current handset to a sleeker and fresher unit, there are important things that you should keep in mind.

First, assess the condition of your Smartphone before you decide on an online BlackBerry trade in. This is to know if you can expect a decent amount in exchange for the item. Through this method, you can gauge if the deal you got is giving you the fair sum for your Smartphone. Moreover, by assessing your BlackBerry properly and not overestimating its current value, you will prevent delays and disappointment of not getting a high price for your unit, especially if it has scratches or minor defects already.

Second, go online and look for sites that will provide you a quote for your phone. The sad part is that if you are going to resell your unit to its manufacturer, you are likely to receive a disappointing amount from your BlackBerry trade in. And it gets even more depressing if your phone is defective, damaged, not working or broken. This is why taking care of your gadgets is very important. Preserving your gadget’s condition does not only guarantee a longer life, but it can also give you a better resale value one you have decided on giving it up and selling it to someone else. If you did not take proper care oif your BlackBerry, chances are, it would incur minor defects that will definitely affect its value.

Sometimes, these buyers might just offer you to give the unit and have it recycled for you instead of having your BlackBerry trade in you are basically left empty-handed. This leaves you no choice but to come up with a huge amount of money to upgrade to a newer version. That is definitely something you should avoid. After all, Blackberrys cost a lot! Thus, you have to be practical and explore all your possibilities in a BlackBerry trade in. There are quite a number of websites that actually buy your gadget and even provide a very simple procedure on how you will send your BlackBerry to them and how you will get your cash.

Trading in your BlackBerry is easy as long as you follow the rules and steps mentioned above.

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Don’t let malicious apps steal your identity

There are many apps on the BlackBerry App World, and even more on other BlackBerry app stores. But do you know which apps are safe? Deciding whether an app is safe or not is an almost insurmountable task for the regular BlackBerry user. Let’s first look at the threats and after that collect some ideas what you can do to increase your safety.
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How To: Use Universal Search

To get started with Universal Search, all you need to do is start typing the search term on the home screen, or tap on the magnifying glass icon that appears on the home screen and enter the search term. As you are typing your search term you’ll notice that results start showing up right away.

In addition to search results found on your BlackBerry smartphone, you will also be given the ability to perform an extended search, which allows you to search across other apps and services (such as the BlackBerry App World™ storefront). To stop a Universal Search, press the call end key, or press the escape key twice to remove the search results and take you back to the home screen.

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How To: Use Social Feeds 2.0

With social media becoming so popular nowadays, some of us use more than one social media platforms. However, sometimes it gets difficult to manage all of them. To solve this problem, RIM has put in a native free application for all it’s BlackBerry 7 OS users – Social Feeds 2.0. A single app that aggregates content such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds and podcast. Some of the features I really like include the ability to mark items for follow-up, searching within Social Feeds 2.0 for specific feed content, and enhanced feed integration to let me perform Facebook or Twitter actions right from the Social Feeds 2.0 app.

If you’ve been following my How To articles, you’ll know that I really like the how to articles that Ty.W from Inside BlackBerry has produced and I share with you guys. This time, he did an article about How to use Social Feeds 2.0. Let us begin.

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How to use the BlackBerry as a modem?

At some days I really hate the ignorance that comes along my way. Today’s protagonist of discomfort: I have a notebook, I’m on the go, I have my BlackBerry and now I’d like to check my email. I could simply use my BlackBerry, however I realize there is a huge document in my inbox and there is no way I’m going to read that on my small BlackBerry screen. At the same time, my notebook doesn’t have internet. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful, if my BlackBerry magically passed on the internet to the notebook? Stop dreaming! This How To article answers your questions on How to use my BlackBerry as a modem?

How to use my BlackBerry as a modem? How can I use my BlackBerry to get internet on my notebook? How to set up my Blackberry so I can use it as a modem to connect to the internet? Curios? Read on!

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How to Hide/Unhide pictures from BlackBerry Smartphone

How To: Hide/Unhide pictures from BlackBerry Smartphone

If you want to take BlackBerry security up a notch and protect your files, such as your pictures, you can actually hide them in your BlackBerry device. In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to hide/unhide pictures on your BlackBerry Smartphone through the device memory.

BlackBerry Device Software 5.0 and BlackBerry 6:

Follow these steps to hide a picture on the BlackBerry smartphone:

  1. On the Home screen of the BlackBerry smartphone, click Media.
  2. Go to Pictures.
  3. Open the picture desired to hide.
  4. Press the Menu key and click Properties.
  5. Select the Hidden check box and click Close.

Follow these steps to unhide a picture on the BlackBerry smartphone:

If the picture is in Device Memory,

  1. Click Device Memory.
  2. Click home.
  3. Click user.
  4. Click pictures.
  5. Press the Menu key and click Show Hidden.
  6. Hidden pictures will display dimmed.
  7. Highlight the hidden picture.
  8. Press the Menu key and click Properties.
  9. Uncheck the Hidden check box and click Close.

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Top 5 BlackBerry Messenger 6.0 Tip

  1. Back up and restore your BBM contacts

    BBM provides you with a few ways to back up and restore your BBM information, which can include your contacts, profile, and group membership. By default, BBM saves a backup file of your BBM information to your smartphone when your contact list changes. However, you can save a backup file to your smartphone or media card manually at any time. You may also be able to set BBM to automatically back up and restore your contact list over the wireless network to a BBM server that is operated by or on behalf of Research In Motion® (RIM®) (this is my preferred method).

  2. Link BBM contacts with the Contacts app

    You can now link a BBM contact with a contact in the Contacts (Address Book) app. When you have a linked contact between BBM and your Contacts (Address Book), you may be able to perform additional tasks using BlackBerry Messenger. For example, during a chat, you may be able to quickly call or send an email message to the same contact from the BlackBerry Messenger menu as per the screenshot below instead of having to open the Contacts (Address Book) app. If a contact does not have a display picture in their BBM profile, the profile picture from their Contacts application will appear in BBM instead.

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Top 5 BlackBerry 7 Tips

Inside BlackBerry has posted a BlackBerry 7 tip article. Something worth sharing with all of you.

  1. Add Music, Pictures and Videos to the Home Screen

    On top of being able to add a shortcut on your home screen to get quick access to websites, contacts and files, you also have the ability to add shortcuts to music, pictures and videos. For example, you can create a new folder on your home screen and add some of your favorite albums or playlists. Before we start, add a new folder – while on the home screen, press the Menu key and select Add Folder.

    1. Browse to a website, or highlight the item (i.e. Playlist) that you want to create a shortcut for.
    2. Press the Menu key and select Add to Home Screen.
      • To change the name of the shortcut, type a new name.
      • To change the location where the shortcut appears, change the Location field.
      • To add the shortcut to your Favorites panel, select the Mark as Favorite checkbox.
    3. Click Add.

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BlackBerry PlayBook Arriving Hong Kong

How To: Order BlackBerry PlayBook in Hong Kong

BlackBerry PlayBook has been released in Hong Kong for quite some time now. However, many people are not aware of how to order it. And to refrain from buying “fake” BlackBerry PlayBooks (Hong Kong is part of China after all), it’s best to buy it off RIM.

To order a PlayBook from RIM,

  1. Click on this link:

  2. Select which device you want; 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB PlayBook.

  3. After selecting your device, click Check Out.

  4. If you have an account already, sign in with your account details to proceed with the order. If not, create a new account and proceed with the order.

Now that’s how you order a BlackBerry PlayBook from RIM Hong Kong.

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How To: Set up Facebook Chat for Facebook v2.0

Last week, I told you guys about the Facebook update to version 2.0, integrated with a number of great features. One of which is the Facebook Chat feature. That’s why today, I am going to teach you how to get started with Facebook Chat, so you can start chatting with your Facebook friends right away.

To enable Facebook Chat, follow these easy steps:

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