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How BlackBerry’s Good Technology Acquisition Will Make it Superior?

A guest post by Vaishnavi Agrawal.

Here is fabulous news for all BlackBerry enthusiasts and users!BlackBerry-the brand that revolutionized the smartphone world with its first-ever business phone has recently made headlines with the announcement to acquire Google Technology for $425 Million, earlier this month. It is a mobile service provider to give better services to business consumers and to allow them to expand their working with other operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows.

The company has entered into this agreement with the aim to offer a secure and unified app platform for multiple mobile devices. It is to bring Good services and technology on the board. Good technology is going to benefit BlackBerry to manage its hardware from different OS. This acquisition will surely be a superior step towards securing managing devices across any mobile platform. Good will bring an exceptionally good end-to-end solution to securing the entire mobile enterprise.

Besides, the technology will offer complimentary capabilities to the company for more secured applications and protecting end-user privacy. With expertise in multi-OS management and mobile device management, it provides the flexibility to support several business models and applications.

TheBlackBerry users can never be happier than hearing this Good technology acquisition as it will enable them quickly self-enroll over the air and automatically configure corporate policies and controls. It is a highly focused strategy to mobilize your business-related activities and secure the enterprises.

The most prolific aspect of this BlackBerry’s Good Technology procurement lies in the fact that now you will have the option of integrating the BlackBerry apps and its enterprise portfolio, creating an all-inclusive solution to mobile management and consumer’s security and privacy.

Both enterprises find it worthwhile to join hands as the Good Technology Chairman and CEO, Christy Wyatt mentioned, “We are excited to join BlackBerry, where together we will be the most comprehensive mobile platform in the market. Good has worked hard to deliver the highest levels of security across operating systems and applications.

He further added, “Our trusted Good solutions will also help BlackBerry to accelerate its Internet of Things platform for managing endpoints beyond mobile devices.”

Undoubtedly, BlackBerry has always been rewarded and revered for the world’s most secure mobile solution for the users, and this is one more jump on the bandwagon. Choosing a solution that grows with user’s business needs is nothing less than decorating the cake with delicious icing. As your mobile need evolve, Good can expand with them. Having success from the seller’s point of view, Blackberry will simultaneously bring Good dynamics with additional mobile capabilities with faster and cost-effective migration.

Additionally, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is going to ease BlackBerry consumers’ content and application tasks. Using third party ISV app for business users, the management tool will provide app-level encryption and protect data sharing among any Good-secured apps like emails, instant messages and mobile browser. Apart from users, the company is also getting an upper edge adopting MSM (Mobile Service Management) with the management of outages and cost overruns and obtaining reliability across the mobile infrastructure.

We anticipate a better year for two world’s powerful leaders, BlackBerry and Good Technology.


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