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BlackBerryInsight is one of the fastest growing BlackBerry blogs in the world. Our leading position within the top 5 blogs for BlackBerry users drives many new readers to us every day! Our connections to people within companies in the BlackBerry (including software, hardware and services) industry positions us to get insider information before others. The how to and help sections have the highest traffic and offer unique opportunities for advertisers to reach the perfect target group.

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Top 9 reasons to advertise on BlackBerryInsight:

  1. Reach the lucrative BlackBerry market: Most of our readers are business executives who know about technology and its possibilities.
  2. Subscribers: A lot of our readers get automated daily updates on our articles. 80% follow the links and come back to us every day.
  3. Growth: Our overall page view and site visit amount is increasing day by day!
  4. High click rate: Based on AdSense we get around 4 CPM. Image banners perform a lot better and might reach at least 20 CPM!
  5. Corporate market reach: We have readers all over the world but most of them are American professionals.
  6. High quality for a low price: We are just community members who try to refinance our expenses. Therefore, we can offer you high quality ad space for a low price. Additionally, we limit the number of ads on our site – to ensure the quality of your advertisement.
  7. Exclusive marketing and ad places: You can get an exclusive ad space where only your ad is shown.
  8. Fast: Get started now! (contingent on availability)
  9. Localized marketing: We have an English (main site), German and Chinese channel with localized information and the possibility to advertise exclusively on your preferred channel.

Some statistics about the sources of our readers:

BlackBerryInsight Page Views and Visits
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One thought on “Advertise with us

  1. Hi Guys,

    I was doing a search on your site concerning BlackBerry and GTD and realised your most recent article while helpful is quite old now.

    My company has a comprehensive mobile GTD app called mProductive that you may or may not be aware of. Uniquely it brings together all components that contribute to GTD workflows all within the single application. Most other apps do not have a single place for Calendar, Tasks and Someday/Maybe’s which can prove cumbersome when tracking all components.

    We are already on AppWorld and our release on MobiHand is within this week. If you were to right a new article on GTD you really should check the application out. I can help with supplying licenses for evaluation and would be happy to supply a number of FREE licenses as a giveaway to your user base who wish to comment on mProductive as it relates to their daily productivity and implementation of GTD.

    If this is of interest, please be in touch. It might be a nice segway between our Mobihand launch and a fresh look at GTD.


    Nigel Gorham
    VP – Product Management
    Basis Design Pty Ltd.

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