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BlackBerryInsight is one of the fastest growing BlackBerry blogs in the world. Being one of the top 5 blogs for BlackBerry users drives many new readers to our blog every day! Our connections to people within companies in the BlackBerry (including software, hardware and services) industry puts us in a great position to get insider information before others. The how to and help sections have the highest traffic and offer unique opportunities for advertisers to reach the perfect target group.

Quality is paramount: Only exquisite promotion partners are allowed to place an ad on our site; contact us for more information.

Top 9 reasons to advertise on BlackBerryInsight:

  1. Reach the lucrative BlackBerry market: Most of our readers are business executives who know about technology and its possibilities.
  2. Subscribers: A lot of our readers get automated daily updates on our articles. 80% follow the links and come back to us every day.
  3. Growth: Our overall page view and amount of visitors is increasing day by day!
  4. High click rate: Based on AdSense we get around 4 CPM. Image banners perform a lot better and might reach at least 20 CPM!
  5. Corporate market reach: We have readers all over the world but most of them are American professionals.
  6. High quality for a low price: We are just community members trying to refinance our expenses. Therefore, we can offer you high quality ad space for a low price. Additionally, we limit the number of ads on our site – to ensure the quality and exclusivity of your advertisement.
  7. Exclusive marketing and ad places: You can get an ad space where only your ad is shown.
  8. Fast: Get started now! (contingent on availability)
  9. Localized marketing: We have an English (main site), German and Chinese channel with localized information and the possibility to advertise exclusively on your preferred channel.

We have many different types of advertising packages available for our advertising partners, below are illustrations and detailed descriptions of each and every advertising package available. Please contact us by filling out the contact form below or by emailing us at to discuss about the advertising package you are interested.

BlackBerryInsight Main Page

BlackBerryInsight Article Page

Above-the-Fold 125x125px Square Banner

This banner receives the most exposure (impressions) and clicks (high CTR). It is one of our top selling ad spaces that usually requires a 2-3 months advance reservation. There are only 2 spots available for this ad space at the moment; thus, making this ad space more unique and attractive.


  • Placed above the fold – means more exposure and clicks
  • Higher impression and click through rates (CTR)
  • Placed around other important components of the site
  • Ad space is exclusive to 2 ads only

Email us to enquire about the Above-the-Fold Square Banner

Standard 125x125px Square Banner

If you are looking to spend an reasonable amount to receive the highest return, this banner is the most cost effective banner. It is relatively cheap, compared to other ad spaces and effective, compared to text-link ads. There are only 4 spots available for this ad space at the moment.


  • Small ad space focuses reader’s attention to the advertisement
  • Non-intrusive due to its size – makes it easier for readers to accept
  • Cost-effective & good value

Email us to enquire about the Standard Square Banner

300x250px Medium Size Banner

This banner attracts the most attention, due to it’s size. It is the biggest banner on BlackBerryInsight. As we do not want too many large banners to annoy our readers. If you are looking to really deliver a message or trying to market your product to BlackBerry users, this is a highly recommended ad space to use.


  • Attracts the most attention from readers
  • High impression rates and click-through rates (CTR)
  • Effective delivery of message
  • A better visual presentation for viewers

Email us to enquire about the Medium Size Banner

Article Page 460x60px Banner Strip

This banner is very good at targeting our loyal readers and receive a good amount of exposure. It is placed at the bottom of every article of our blog. On average, BlackBerryInsight receives over 1.6 million page views per month, this means your banner will have over 1.6 million hits/month. As our readers finish reading each article post, they are bound to see your advertisement.


  • Effective in targeting BlackBerry users
  • High impressions
  • Different advertisement space than other/usual advertisement placements

Email us to enquire about the Article Page Banner Strip

Search Bar Strip Text-Link Ad

This ad spot is one of top 3 most effective advertising space on BlackBerryInsight. From the example illustrated above, you can see that the text-link ad is place above-the-fold, hence, the high impressions and click-rates. This ad space is exclusive to important announcements of deals or product releases. This ad space would be good for contests or new application launch announcements. Please be advise that this ad space is sold by the amount of days it will be displayed and not months, tight restricts apply to this ad space.


  • Placed above-the-fold
  • High impressions and click through rates (CTR)
  • Placed below the site banner – first thing visitors see
  • Flashing text-link attracts visitors attention and interest
  • Placed above the site’s headline box – attention is drawn from the headlines to the text-link

Email us to enquire about placing a Search Bar Text-Link Ad

Paid Text-Link Ads

If you do not wish to spend much on advertising but wish to have some level of exposure, you can consider placing a text-link ad on our site. Your text-link will be placed on the site menu of our website, under the Featured Friends section. Our text-link ad are based on a subscription of 6-months or 12-months.

Text-Link Ad Options

You can customize your own anchor text, as long as it does not conflict with our other advertisers or violate our marketing policies. Please subscribe by clicking the PayPal Subscribe button.

Email us to enquire about Paid Text-Link Ad Options

Our newsletter email list is filled with BlackBerry enthusiasts, who are eager to know more about new applications and ways to effectively use their BlackBerry. We are proud to say that our email campaigns have a very high open & view rate of between 20-25% for each email sent out to our 12,000 newsletter subscribers. Therefore, email campaigns are one of the most effective ways for us to promote our brand and for developers/advertisers we work with.


  • Reaches target BlackBerry users
  • Has over 12,000 email subscribers
  • Open rate of 20-25%, which is 10-15% over industry standard
  • Most direct and effective way to reach BlackBerry users

Email us to enquire about our Email Marketing service

Without a doubt, social media has become one of the most effective ways to reach consumers, BlackBerryInsight has optimized social media as one of our major advertising platform. Our Facebook and Twitter fan pages have accumulated substantial amount of followers. We use this platform to deliver BlackBerry news and information to our followers. Feel free to visit and follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Email us to discuss about Social Media marketing opportunities

At BlackBerryInsight, we are always scrambling around to find the best BlackBerry applications and products for our readers; sometimes we even partner with the developers and give away free products in the form of a contest. If you wish to giveaway a few applications or products to our readers, please contact our marketing department to discuss this opportunity.

We also welcome developers or advertisers sponsoring our periodic marketing campaigns, such as free app giveaway or free product giveaway contests. Advertisers get more exposure from sponsoring our campaigns than running individual contests. Please contact us for more details.

Email us to enquire about Contest/Campaign Sponsorships on BlackBerryInsight

To create an effective banner that draws many hits from viewers, it has to be visible and have an eye-catching design. We recommend that all advertisers hire a professional graphics designer to design an appealing and attractive banner to place on our website.

If you are having problems finding the right graphic designer or you think the one you are using does not quite meet your needs, our in-house graphic designer can help you. Our in-house graphic designer is aware of what catches our readers attention and can design the most outstanding banner for you, at market price. Please contact our marketing department for more details.

Email us to enquire about getting us to design your banner

BlackBerryInsight works with many different companies, from BlackBerry application developers to other BlackBerry Blogs, we have strong long-term connections with all of them. We would like build this relationship with you as well.

Your do not have to be an advertiser in order to work with us. As long as you have an interesting application or product that you want us to mention on our site, we would be happy to take a look at it and tell our readers about.

In order for us to establish a strong relationship with you, you may be invited and you may be requested to be a member of our “Featured Friends Club”. As a member, you will receive a number of benefits, including a number of marketing efforts done for your “Featured Applications”, which is valued over $2,000.

For more information about our “Featured Friends Club”, please contact us at or fill out the form below.

For more information about marketing opportunities or you wish to set up an unique marketing plan with us on BlackBerryInsight, please contact us at Or you may simply fill out the marketing enquiry form below.

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