BlackBerry Malaysia Interstate Tour — Interviews!

You’ve already been introduced to the BlackBerry Malaysia Interstate Tour. So let’s to #CrashTheParty and check out what these people had to say about the BlackBerry Interstate Tour! Present for the Interstate Tour were Chris Jones, Senior Country Marketing Manager Malaysia and Huey Ling, Marketing & Communications Manager Malaysia. The BlackBerry Interstate Tour were held from the 1st June to 5th July 2012 at four locations around Malaysia at: 1st June — Slippery Senoritas, Penang 15th June — Terminal 1, Sarawak 22nd June — Club Cabana, Johor 5th July — Zouk, Kuala Lumpur If you want to #StopMissingOut on exclusive events, happenings, giveaways and news by BlackBerry: LIKE us at Follow us on Twitter at @BlackBerryMY Visit the website at

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