The Compass App Columbus wished for!

Compass ProYesterday Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd. announced an update for the PlayBook™ version of their Compass Pro application. The new update is a massive visual improvement from the previous version. Where the last version was a simple 2D compass that showing you the rhumbs (the radial lines on a compass) and the directions. With the new update you still get that information, but in an awesome new way. For starters, the compass is full 3D. It floats in the middle of your screen and the angle changes according to how you hold your PlayBook™ (for example, if you put it flat on a table, it looks like the compass is 2D again). Then, across the screen you’ll see a compass degree scale positioned on the horizon. Whenever you’ll move your Playbook to the left or right you’ll see a different part of the scale (North, North-East etc.). The scale disappears if you tilt your PlayBook™ too much up or down. Last, but not least, there are 5 new skins to choose from! Just tap the compass and the skin will change. My favorite skin is the antique looking one, it’d suit a pirate!

The smoothness of this application is absolutely amazing. It reacts instantly to your gestures and the compass and degree scale reacts instantly on any movements of the PlayBook™. The positioning of the North is with all this very accurate.

The Smartphone version may be less fancy, but it does give you a lot more information and options. It’ll show you your course measurement units and you can choose your compass mode. The modes available are:

  • Standard 360 degrees
  • Milliemme (6400)
  • Milliemme Sweden (6300)
  • Milli Radian (6283)
  • Mils – Soviet Union (6000)
  • Grad – Europe 19th Century (400)
  • Decigrades – European Military 19th Century (4000)

For just $0.99 you gotta love this app, this truly is value for money. It’s one of the most extended compass apps for BlackBerry® devices available. The 3D feature for PlayBook™ is absolutely unique, and makes using a compass great fun. Compass Pro is compatible with all BlackBerry® Smartphones running OS 4.7.1 and up and BlackBerry® Tablet OS 1.0 and up. You can get this awesome app at BlackBerry App World™.

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