LS Bingo Jungle – The 1st Winner of BBM Apps Hackathon Jakarta

Play this fun BINGO game with your BBM Friends. By connecting this application to BBM, you and your contacts can get together, socialize, and communicate by playing against each other. Play against up to 5 players in a single game and start chatting with our cool bubble chat style design and enjoyable themes. Packed with 9 different themes and 60+ animated smileys (Optional to the original BBM smileys), our in-app chat create the most fun experience chat ever. Invite many of your friends to download, play against them or computer and get socialize. You can also send files, chat or have a group chat with your BBM Contacts without leaving the application. There is also a Profile Box that shows the current activities and status of the game including rank, level, and score. This Profile Box can be view by all your BBM Contacts and Friends by setting it to public. LS Bingo Jungle is a game of chance that can be played in 5×5 matrix. It can be played by a maximum of 5 players. At first Each player have to set their board (5×5 matrix) with their own bird mark with numbers placed randomly into the board, when all the numbers have been filled and the bird has filled all the spot in the board (1 to 25) then you can press the next button and wait for another players setup their board. After all the players have set their board with numbers, then in the next screen, each player will see their own setup number, but can’t see their opponent’s. Each player will begin taking alternate

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