Read your favorite magazines on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Magazines for BlackBerry PlayBookLike to read up on your favorite subjects, but find subscriptions too expensive (and a waste of paper)? S4BB Limited has released a brand new app series titled “Magazines”. The series consists of 24 titles and cover a wide variety of topics: Animals, Cars, Soccer, Internet Marketing and Fashion are just a few of the available titles (see full list here). Each magazine consists of 30 articles, contributed by different sources. The user interface is simple and stylish; open the app, click the article you want to read and you’re good to go. To read the Magazines you need to have an internet connection. Once the articles are cached you can read the articles off line as well. Just open the app (wait for it to cache the content) and then switch off your WiFi.

My overall impression of the app is really good. The user interface looks minimal and is focused on usability. Switching between articles is easy: once you’ve opened an article you can use the arrows to navigate to the next or previous article. For the monthly price of $0.99 S4BB Limited offers a balanced magazine application that’ll provide you with daily updates on the topic of choice. The available Titles are very diverse and 12 of them are the first month for free. All Magazines are available on BlackBerry App World and are compatible with BlackBerry® Tablet 2.0 and up.

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