New PlayBook competitor costs $61

Today the cheapest tablet computer ever has been announced. The Ubislate, also known as Aakash. In terms of price it beats anything on the market, costing only $61. It beats the Amazon Kindle Fire, which will cost $199 and it beats the low cost computer of the OLPC initiative (One Laptop per Child), which sells for $100. Obviously it beats all Android tablets, the iPad and the PlayBook. Unfortunately, at this moment it is only available in India. RIM, you can feel at ease for the moment.

When there is demand, after a while a product will appear. The people in India want a tablet PC, but they can’t afford those pricey ones from the USA and Canada. So they make their own one. Suneet Singh, a Canadian with Indian roots managed the making of the Ubislate. I’m sure he wants to help his country, but such a cheap price for a functional tablet is remarkable. And it’s a commercial product for everyone who wants one. There is a even cheaper government supported version for schoolkids and students in India.

The Ubislate costs Indian Rupees 2999, which equals a little less than $61 or € 45. It features Android 2.2 Froyo, a 366 MHz CPU, a acceptable 800×480 Pixel screen, 7 inch wide, has 2 USB connectors and 2 Gigabyte internal memory, which can be extended with a media card. To connect to the Internet, it has built in W-LAN support.

I have to say, I’m kind of surprised. Some well known companies repeat every day, that quality has it’s price. I can agree with that. But how is a tablet at $61 possible, when others claim that for this price you can’t even get a battery? The hardware really is that cheap. I hope that the Ubislate tablet will be exported to Europe and the USA and Canada. Some competition can’t hurt, can it? Companies in the Western world are used to high margins. They sit back enjoying their monopolies. A comfortable situation, that will be exploited eventually by a new player on the field.

RIM really should think again what to do with the PlayBook 2, if they decide to do it. Do we really need another industry standard tablet at $500?

Want one? Get one at the Ubislate / Aakash Website.

3 thoughts on “New PlayBook competitor costs $61

  1. This tablet is aims for poor, and even it has low specs, it’s hard to believe you can make tablet that cheap, but here in Indonesia we have also cheap tablet, retail price is $100, it’s an ipad clone made by epad, but the specs is quite good.
    Here the best seller in Indonesia
    you can browse around that sites, lot of tablet’s type, but maybe you already know it :)

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