BlackBerry Bold 9900 Gold by Amosu Couture

BlackBerry is all about Business, right? No, the modern BlackBerry user is not only a business person, he is also a person of style. Luxury and a golden touch emphasize the lifestyle of a BlackBerry person. Amosu Couture thinks the same and has released a golden BlackBerry Bold 9900. The inner qualities of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Gold are the same like a regular Bold 9900, however the outside is made of the best materials available. Amosu Couture’s designer made the bezel plated in hardened 24ct.Gold. This way the device will look shiny, yet it is not totally covered in gold.

Alexander Amosu, the creative head has been previously featured here, when he created a Diamond BlackBerry Curve. I really like Amosu Couture for keeping up with the latest devices, in fact they quickly remove old devices from their store and only showcase the latest smartphones and selected accessories.

If you feel the same and want to add some bling bling feeling to your life, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Gold makes an interesting choice. In fact it is not that expensive after all and comes at a £999.00 price tag, which I would call affordable. If you feel the urge to buy one right now, you can check out the Amosu Couture website right now:
Amosu Couture: BlackBerry Bold 9900 Gold

If Gold is not the right thing for you, we also have a picture of the announced BlackBerry Bold 9900 White. Let me know in the comments, if the Amosu Couture Blackberry Bold 9900 Gold is the right smartphone to add shine to your life.

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