Track & Protect App Giveaway

I just joined to win a #Track&Protect #BlackBerry #App @bbinsight! Follow & RT to win!

You guys are in for a treat today! We are going to do another BlackBerryInsight Free App Giveaway Contest. This time, we are giving away free credits of Track & Protect to 25 lucky winners! We are going to make this contest as simple as it is to win, all you have to do is Tweet this article and you’re already entered. Simply click on the Tweet button on the top right hand corner of this article.

You have from now until September 20th to join this contest. Every contestant are allowed to tweet as many times as they like during the contest period (limit to 1 per day). When you tweet this article, make sure you have the following in your tweet:

I just joined to win a #Track&Protect #BlackBerry #App @bbinsight! Follow & RT to win!

Track & Protect is one of those must-have applications, just incase you lose your phone. For more information about the application, please click on the link below to learn more.

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