What is this thing? A BlackBerry 9980?

On the Chinese website maxpda.com appeared an article showing a mysterious BlackBerry 9980. It seems to be some variant of the BlackBerry Bold 9900, yet the design is very different. I don’t want to use the word “ugly”, but the design is not for everyone.

Whether this is a genuine BlackBerry device or some fake model, we don’t know. According to the information available, the supposed BlackBerry 9980 is just a BlackBerry Bold 9900 in a completely new design. The battery is the same as the Bold 9900′s and this new device also runs on BlackBerry OS 7. Here are a few more pictures:

There are even more pictures and a description in the Maxpda article on the supposed BlackBerry 9980. Let me know what you think about this device in the comments.

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3 Responses to “What is this thing? A BlackBerry 9980?”

  1. Daniel Adu says:

    wooow what is this indeed .?

  2. Daniel Adu says:

    this is nice…whn is it coming out?

  3. Very nice looking phone and I love the screen 

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