Stay Green, take notes with you BlackBerry PlayBook using Skit

Before the BlackBerry PlayBook was released, a reader was trying to decided whether or not to wait for it. She asked if it has any note taking or handwriting apps she can use when she’s in meetings and such. Well, the PlayBook doesn’t come with such app but you can buy third-party application that does the job. I’ve found Skit for BlackBerry PlayBook.

Skit is a handwriting/sketch/note-taking application for your BlackBerry PlayBook. You can write/draw on your BlackBerry PlayBook, just like you do on paper (No more killing trees). Write as many notes as you want and organize them into books.

Skit Application Features:

  • books-like writing, you can choose your paper type (plain, lined, squared, semilog — for engineers)
  • export your books into PDF
  • portrait/landscape mode writing
  • pinch-to-zoom and drag the canvas to write/draw in more detail
  • choose different pencil size and color for writing
  • redo / undo features
  • customize book title
  • customize book cover
  • simple and intuitive user interface
  • and many more will come in updates

How to use it:

  • to write / draw : choose pencil tool and release your creativity
  • to zoom / unzoom : select hand icon and pinch-to-zoom (with two fingers)
  • to pan : select hand icon and drag around
  • to erase : choose eraser tool and wipe the unwanted areas
  • to undo : press the left arrow icon (the one in the center top bar)
  • to redo : press the right arrow icon (the one in the center top bar)
  • to go to main menu from canvas: press dotted square icon
  • to go to next page/previous page: press the most left/right icon in the top bar
  • to save to pdf : go to main menu, select your book and click save to pdf. Your file (*.pdf) will be saved to playbook’s document folder.
  • to save individual page to jpeg : open the specific page then press increase and decrease volume button (at the top of your playbook) simultaneously. Your file (*.jpg) will be saved in camera folder.

You can get Skit on you BlackBerry PlayBook for only $3.99 from the download link below. Be sure to leave us a comment about how you like the app.

  • Download Skit on your BlackBerry PlayBook
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