BlackBerry Messenger vs. Apple iMessage Comparison Video

Kevin from did a BlackBerry Messenger vs. Apple iMessage comparison video with Rene from, comparing which messaging app has better performance. Rene also explains a few features of iMessage and identify how iMessage differs from BBM. In the few tests they did, regarding speed, it seems like Apple’s iMessage is faster; which is rather embarrassing, you will see why in the video.

After watching this video, will you leave your BlackBerry just because it seems like Apple seems to have a better messenger?

One thought on “BlackBerry Messenger vs. Apple iMessage Comparison Video

  1. yes, but again, the level of security that wraps a BBM message (and email/web browsing for that matter), as well as the minimal data usage on BlackBerry smartphones (~20% less than other smartphones) is not matched my Apple or other providers at all. Also Delivery and Read confirmations on BBM are very helpful and unique. Also BBM can do things like send voice notes, pictures, share location, etc.

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