Rumor: BlackBerry PlayBook missed sales target by over 90% at major retailer

Late last week, we’ve heard news from BGR that that sales of the BlackBerry PlayBook has reached approximately 250,000 up till now. But we’ve also heard news from a trusts major box retailer, sales of RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook has fallen far short of expectations. In addition, we’re told that the PlayBook is being returned at a much higher pace than Motorola Xoom (approximately 7%). According to our source, PlayBook sales at this particular retailer missed internal sales targets by more than 90%.

RIM’s response to this rumor is:

The source of the reported comment is anonymous and unknown to RIM, but the comment is certainly inconsistent with the positive feedback we have received from our main retail partners. As previously indicated, RIM will provide a business update on BlackBerry PlayBook results on June 16.

For reference, here is a public statement recently offered by Best Buy:

“Best Buy has had great success selling BlackBerry smartphones in North America, so our sales expectations for the BlackBerry PlayBook were very high. To date, we have far exceeded those expectations and we’re finding that customers are even more interested in purchasing once they’ve tested the PlayBook in the store.”

My thoughts about this is that PlayBook sales cannot be as bad as they’ve said it to be in the rumor. I don’t believe that there would be such a high rate of PlayBook return rate. But those are just my thoughts, let’s hear your’s. Leave a comment below.

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