Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker – Sales People’s No. 1 Must-Have Application

To give you a further insight on the apps I’ve mentioned Top 10 Blackberry Apps for Money & Finance for the following week, I am going to talk about each of the apps one-by-one. Here’s the 7th one on the list: Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker.

Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker is an easy-to-use application that allows you to log detailed records of expenses and milleage in seconds. This is a create app for sales people who do a lot of travelling all the time.

Easily customize your lists of clients, projects, currencies, locations, expense types, payment methods, and mileage categories for efficient data entry. If you want to send the information back to the company, you can export your data to a spreadsheet and send it as an email attachment to your office or save it to your computer for future reporting.

Additional Features:

  • Effective dated rates for expense types that are tracked in units
  • Automatic calculation of total mileage based on starting and ending mileage readings
  • Supports backup and restore via BlackBerry Desktop Manager

You can download Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker on MobiHand for $9.99 $7.99 from the link below. Remember to leave us a comment to let us know your thoughts about the app.

Download Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker from MobiHand

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