Five BlackBerry Bridge Tips for BlackBerry PlayBook Users

RIM just published an article on their blog with tips about using BlackBerry Bridge, just thought I’d share these tips with you.

  1. Multiple email account support and folder browsing

    If you have multiple email accounts integrated on your BlackBerry, you’ll be able to view all emails from all of the email accounts in a consolidated inbox, when you use the BlackBerry Bridge Messages application. If you tap on the “All Messages” tab that appears in the top corner of your BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ll be able to select a specific email account which is convenient if you receive a lot of email to multiple email addresses.

    In this menu, in the View Folder option, which allows you to view the sent items folder of a particular email account. This is handy if you have enabled the “Hide Sent Messages” setting on your BlackBerry smartphone in the Messages options.

  2. Customizing the Messages Application view

    If you don’t want to use the View Folder option, but still want you’re sent or filed items to appear by default in your All Message list, you’ll need to customize the email setting on your BlackBerry smartphone. Here is how you get to the options setting on your BlackBerry smartphone:

    1. On your BlackBerry smartphone home screen, select “Messages”.
    2. Press the menu key and select “Options”.
    3. Select one of the following depending on your BlackBerry smartphone:
      • BlackBerry Device Software version 4.0 to 5.0 – Select “General Options”
      • BlackBerry 6 – Select “Message Display and Actions”

    After these changes are made and saved, re-open the email application on the BlackBerry PlayBook, the changes should take effect immediately.

  3. Using the Search feature

    Whenever you are using the Messages, Contacts, Memos, Tasks or Bridge Files applications on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, you’ll notice a magnifying glass icon and a search field. When you perform a search on your BlackBerry tablet, it’s the same as doing a search while using your BlackBerry smartphone. If you want to perform a remote search of your email accounts, you’ll need to do this using your BlackBerry smartphone, as the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet does not currently support remote email search. If you aren’t familiar with the remote search option and want to learn more, check out KB15161 – How to perform a remote search for email messages.

  4. Opening Attachments and File Types supported by BlackBerry Bridge Files

    When using the Messages application and viewing an email that contains an attachment, you’ll be able to open it if it’s a supported file type. Current supported file types are:

    • Adobe Reader for opening PDF Files
    • Documents To Go for opening Microsoft Excel® (XLS, XLSX), Microsoft® Word (DOC, DOCX) and Microsoft® PowerPoint® (PPT) files
    • Pictures, videos and music files (provided they are of a supported media type)

    If your BlackBerry smartphone is activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerry Bridge will not save attachments to your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The attachment will instead be saved to the microSD™ card on your BlackBerry smartphone. If your BlackBerry smartphone isn’t activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, attachments will be saved on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

    When you are using BlackBerry Bridge Files, you’ll be able to access files located on your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and the microSD card of your BlackBerry smartphone. File types supported by BlackBerry Bridge Files currently are:

    • Adobe Reader for opening PDF Files
    • Documents to Go for opening Microsoft Office Excel (XLS, XLSX), Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX) and Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) files
  5. Adding images to your Contacts

    If you have a lot of contacts and want to add images to their contact cards on your BlackBerry smartphone, you can use BlackBerry Messenger or Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones to do this automatically! Amazing isn’t it!? To learn more about how this features works, click on one of the links below, depending on which application you are using on your BlackBerry smartphone:

    BlackBerry Messenger version 5.0.3

    Link a contact with a contact in the Contacts application
    Overwrite contact pictures with display pictures

    Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones version 1.9

    Link a friend with a contact in the contacts application

Source: Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

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