How To: Upgrade an App that has been installed via App World

BlackBerry App World has thousands of apps for the PlayBook already and is growing every day! Once you have an app on your PlayBook, you can use it – usually forever. However, sometimes apps have bugs and need to be fixed or their vendors offer upgrades with new features. In order to get access to such an upgrade, the app developer usually uploads a new version to BlackBerry App World and you should get a notification in App World itself. On BlackBerry smartphones you do see a little icon and a message in your notification bar as well as the BlackBerry “Messages” application. This does not seem to be available on PlayBook yet, but you can see a little “star” icon at the “My World” button once you open App World and an update for an installed app is available. You can then click “My World” which brings you to your app listing and you will see all the apps installed on your PlayBook, including the one an upgrade is available for.

The above screen shot shows how an available upgrade can look like. In this case it is “Canada Explorer” by Skylab Mobilesystems Ltd.

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