BlackBerryInsight Weekly Roundup – March 20-26

Top 3 Must-Check-Out

  1. RIM Announces: BlackBerry PlayBook on Shelves – April 19, 2011
    RIM finally announced the release date of the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet. It’s going to be on shelves April 19, 2011. Mark your calendars!

  2. BestBuy Accepting BlackBerry PlayBook Pre-orders
    You can now pre-order your BlackBerry PlayBook at BestBuy or Future Shop. Read the article for more details.

  3. Top Insight Tips on Battery Power Saving
    As BlackBerry users, I am sure most of us are experiencing battery problems, as it drains our very quickly. Learn how to save battery power from some of the minor things you can do with your BlackBerry device.

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