How To: Upload Pictures Onto My BlackBerry

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In this tutorial, we’re going to go over how to upload photos onto your BlackBerry device. There are a number of ways you can do this, such as:

  • Using BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  • Using BlackBerry Media Sync
  • Drag & Drop onto your SDMedia Card
  • And More…

For this tutorial, we’ll only cover how to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to upload images files onto your BlackBerry device. This method works for all BlackBerry models. We will cover how to use BlackBerry Media Sync to upload photos onto your BlackBerry in the future. Stay tuned!

Let us begin:

  1. Make sure your media card (SD Card) is properly connected to your BlackBerry device.

  2. Connect your BlackBerry with your PC, via an USB cable Then, start your BlackBerry Desktop Manager software. Click on the Pictures tab, under the Media Sync section.

  3. You can synchronize your Pictures Folder with your BlackBerry device. By clicking on the check box of the Pictures Folder icon, you have selected to upload all pictures; you can also click on the “Check all” button to upload all pictures.
  4. After you’ve selected the pictures you wish to upload, click Sync.
  5. When you see this message, it means that you have successfully uploaded your selected pictures onto your BlackBerry device.

Other than your Pictures Folder, you can also synchronize other picture folders from your desktop computer to your BlackBerry device.

  1. Simply click on the Add folder button. A Browse for Folder windows will appear, select which fold you wish to upload pictures from. Then click OK.
  2. After you’ve selected the folder you wish to upload pictures from, the folder will appear on your BlackBerry Desktop Manager. You can repeat the steps above to upload pictures from your newly added folder.

Stay tuned to BlackBerryInsight for more How To articles about how to use your BlackBerry more effectively. We’ll be covering how to upload music and photos onto your BlackBerry via BlackBerry Media Sync very soon.

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