Pocket Controller Pro – BlackBerry-ing From Your Personal Computer

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Review: Pocket Controller-Pro – The Integration of BlackBerry With PC

I found this cool software that you can control your BlackBerry device from your personal computer or notebook, called Pocket Controller-Pro from SOTI Inc. With this software, you can BBM without using the BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard. You can control your BlackBerry smartphone remotely from your desktop computer. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it is a real running software for all BlackBerry users. It uses award-winning technology to give you remote control, presentations and synchronizations tools.

As a BlackBerry user, we’re always looking for ways to increase efficiency and productivity. I would say Pocket Controller-Pro does the job just right. And security is not an issue either, its connection authentication ensures only authorized remote access. It is a safe and easy to use software.

Pocket Controller-Pro Key Features:

  • Remote Control: View and control your BlackBerry smartphone from your desktop to enhance quality and productivity.
  • Training & Presentation Tools: Display your BlackBerry in real-time on either a projector or web presentation via your PC to create efficient and professional presentations to train and educate.
  • File Explorer Tool: Browse the file system of your PC and BlackBerry simultaneously. Transfer, view, edit and manage your files locally and remotely.
  • File Synchronization: Automatically or manually synchronize your data files (e.g. pictures, video files, documents, etc.) between your PC and mobile device.
  • Printing: Create professional training materials by printing device screenshots using SOTI’s unique skin technology.
  • Service Books: Monitor all of your Service Books in full detail for easy troubleshooting anytime, anywhere with your desktop PC.
  • Task Manager Tool: View detailed information about applications and processes running on your device that may be causing your device or application to misbehave.
  • Screen & Video Capture: Capture screens to compressed GIF, BMP, JPG and PNG file formats as well as record videos in WMV and AVI formats.
  • System Information Tool: Monitor vital system information, such as battery levels, memory utilization, and operating system and processor information.

The application for BlackBerry is free, but you need to purchase the software to install onto your PC. The software is selling for $35.99 on MobiHand. If you rely on your BlackBerry for work a lot, I highly recommend you to get it.

If you get this software or already have it, let us know what you think about it. We would love to hear your feedback.

Download Pocket Controller-Pro on MobiHand

10 thoughts on “Pocket Controller Pro – BlackBerry-ing From Your Personal Computer

  1. $35.99 for an annual license? Too expensivefor this kind of software, IMHO. For this price I expect a lifetime license.
    For example, in the past I used to use MyPhoneExplorer for sonyericsson devices wich was free.

  2. Would MyPhoneExplorer allow you to perform BBM from your desktop? Are you able to compose email and type using full QWERTY keyboard of the desktop computer (real time)? I guess $35.99 is a modest amount for all the features that SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro offers.

  3. Would MyPhoneExplorer allow you to perform BBM from your desktop? Are you able to compose email and type using full QWERTY keyboard of the desktop computer (real time)? I guess $35.99 is a modest amount for all the features that SOTI Pocket Controller-Pro offers.

  4. The license itself is a lifetime or perpetual license. So, once you purchase, you have the software for life. What is annual is the support service, upgrade service and skin catalog service. If you have no interest in these services, the product will still continue to work without any issues.
    Currently, for a limited time, SOTI is offering 50% off the purchase price when you enter in Promotion Code “BBAPPWORLD” during purchase. Hopefully, this addresses your pricing concerns as well.

  5. Cool 50% off sounds much better for me. I need my Blackberry every day and therefore I am really thinking about getting a license. Compareable products offer you not this variety of features. But even with the discound code It can be regarded more as an investment rather than as an simple app.

  6. Using SOTI’s Pocket Controller-Pro you might consider your BlackBerry as an extended PC box once connected, operating the phone using your PC’s wide screen + full QWERTY keyboard of the desktop PC. The product is a productivity tool.

  7. So its Got a Life Time License right!. Way to expensive for me to have at that Price. I live in England Have You Seen our Budget. Intrest rate’s Rising Fuel Cost’s Going up. Money is Tight Cant afford it, Come on lets have it Totaly Free no Annual License or you Wont Sell many and Free should mean Free

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