Low on signal? Get SignalBooster

I don’t know if any of you ever had the same problem as me. I sometimes find myself having my phone out, walking around like an idiot to look for that perfect spot with the best phone signal. Thankfully, S4BB Limited, developers of BatteryBooster and MemoryBoosters, just release another great application called SignalBooser. It helps boost your BlackBerry’s GSM network and radio signal. It’s an application that can really help your phone reach its ultimate efficiency and performance.

With this application, you no long have to restart your smartphone to get that signal back on. You no longer have to walk out of a restaurant on a freezing winter day, just to get better phone signal to talk to your client. Your phone conversation with that important person will not longer be cut while you are going down into a basement or driving through a tunnel. This application will simply boost your your weak cellular network and allow you to make connection in places where you could not have before.

This application is now going for $9.99 $4.99 on MobiHand. This 50% discount is only good for the first few days of launch, as a promotional offer. So get your SignalBooster before the offer ends.

Buy SignalBooster at MobiHand

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