What to do when your BlackBerry gets wet

Just like many others, have you ever experienced the embarrassment of dropping your phone into the toilet? Your first reaction was to probably turn the device back on to see if it’s still working but it doesn’t seem to turn back on. What should you do now? To save you the embarrassment of asking your friends for help and having to explain the story to them, here are the exact steps to revive your phone:

It probably won’t be a good idea to try to turn your phone back on when it is soaking wet, unless you want to short out your phone . The key is to dry your phone first and draw out all the moisture in the device. There are several ways you can do this. Put the phone in:

  • a ziplock bag of uncooked rice and let it sit for a few hours
  • a bag with some silica packets
  • an oven with just the oven light on for a few days
  • a bag of clay-based absorbent
  • the sun

or you can blow dry it for a couple hours, while panting and worrying about your phone and hope it’ll be fine.

But if your phone happens to fall in salt water, you will need to rinse the phone out with distilled/deionized water first, in order to remove the salt. You shouldn’t rinse with tap water because the minerals/ions are conductive and will remain there after the water dries, which may cause a short circuit later on.

So no need to worry, calm down to take a deep breath and stop freaking out. Try out the tried and tested tips we’ve given above and your BlackBerry will be as good as new. Any suggestions or comments on how to solve this matter are always welcome.

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