The Real-time Caller ID for your BlackBerry handset

privusCaller ID’s are definitely of great help. Instead of being clueless of about the source of a call, we can simply use the Caller ID machine to know the number of the caller. We have also seen the Caller ID application for the BlackBerry handsets. But, till now we have seen Caller ID’s which can help us to know the name of the caller who is there in our contact list. Did it ever come to your mind that one day there will be a Caller ID application for the BlackBerry handsets, which will even provide the details of an unknown number. Now it doesn’t matter whether the number is there in your contact list or not, the new application will still provide the name of the person.

The new application for the BlackBerry handset has been developed by Privus Mobile. There are numerous other benefits as well. Most of the Caller ID application provide the details only after the call is coming in. This usually happens due to the restriction imposed by the BlackBerry programming codes, and, sometimes also due to the lack of support for concurrent data and voice. But, unlike other applications, Privus application for the BlackBerry handset will provide the details in a real time environment. It will tell us about the details of the number as the call is coming in.

Well, this new functionality has been brought in by the up gradation of the application to version 4.0. to make the application more effective and realistic, Privus Mobile has added a feature to the application. The application will let you know about the details of a number through a Voice based system. The “Voice announce” feature is a result of the up gradation of the application. This new feature is definitely of great help.

From now, you will be able to know about the caller without even looking at your BlackBerry. It means that right from the bed or couch you will be able to decide whether the call is worth receiving or not. Without giving yourself trouble, you will be able to reject or accept a call. No more you will have to look down at your phone to check out who was calling.

To add one more benefit, the application also offers complete hands-free operation. So, while you are driving, all you need is a Bluetooth headset to accept the call. The application is available for a 10day Free Trial period, which will help you to know more about the product.

Website: Privus Mobile Real Time Caller ID

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