Newer and better version of BlackBerry App World is at your door

BlackBerry applications are surely a matter of delight for the BlackBerry users around the world. Every time, we get to see or hear about a new application for our BlackBerry handset, we get so thrilled about it. All of us love to try out the new applications which are made available at the BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry App World is certainly a place where you can give a complete makeover to your existing and sometimes boring BlackBerry handset. BlackBerry App World is a platform where one can find innumerable applications for the BlackBerry handsets. Couple of weeks ago, you must have come across the news about the up gradation of the BlackBerry App World. In order to bring cheers to the face of the BlackBerry users around the world, the BlackBerry App World has been upgraded to Version 2.0. It means that after the private beta version, the platform has been given a facelift with this newer version.

The newer and the better version of BlackBerry App World will be loaded with some new features and applications, like credit card billing, QR barcode scanning, an upgraded user interface, and Research In Motion’s new ID system. It will also support the billing application which will enable a user to purchase directly to his/her wireless bill. But, this facility is only available and supported by certain carriers. The barcode scanning will open up huge opportunities for the BlackBerry users around the world. With a better user interface, this newer version will definitely be liked by the BlackBerry users around the world.

This will surely come as a big surprise for you that RIM has allowed the developers around the world to sell applications for $0.99 and $1.99. Initially, RIM was making a point that only those applications will be considered which are of high quality.
But, it is quite paradoxical that with such prices like $0.99 and $1.99, one cannot expect high quality applications for the BlackBerry smartphones. With such a nominal price, no one will ever measure up the pros and cons when making a purchase. Along with, it is also true that it will lead to over-flooding of application in the BlackBerry App World. The up gradation is in the process, and within couple of hours, BlackBerry users will be able to surf through the newer and better version of BlackBerry App World. So, be ready to get thrilled with this new look.

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