America all set to upgrade their BlackBerries with the BIS 3.0

blackberry_storm_2People of America have something to cheer about. Recently Research in Motion announced that they have upgraded their BlackBerry Internet Service in the country. Now the users of BlackBerry in America will enjoy the BIS’s upgraded version 3.0. The previous version of BIS were lacking in many features. After an extensive research those drawbacks were removed and now they have brought in the much improved version 3.0.

This improved version of BIS is especially beneficial for the Gmail users. The enhanced features will allow you to access your Gmail account to the fullest extent. You can synchronize your BlackBerry handset with your Gmail account. This allows you to read and manage the messages of Gmail account directly from your BlackBerry. Along with that, you can also send messages directly from your BlackBerry, and all the changes will be reflected in your account. No matter from where you access your Gmail account, the changes will be automatically updated on your BlackBerry.

Labels are said to be the most useful features offered by Gmail to its users. It obviously helps one to manage the mails in our inbox. Apart from the Android phones no other handsets supported the Label feature of Gmail earlier. But with the up gradation of BIS in America now it has become possible for the BlackBerry users to manage their inbox. The improved version 3.0 completely supports the Label feature of Gmail. You can create a new Label and can even delete it.

The upgradation of BIS has brought some considerable improvement. Now it supports some more file extension types, such as Open Document Presentation (.odp), Open Document Spreadsheet (.ods), Open Document Text (.odt), Open Document Text Template (.ott), and Window Media Audio files. No more will you have to worry about lost email addresses. The email address recovery feature allows to you keep a backup of the email addresses and the contact information. Along with this, it also supports many new languages like, Basque, Catalan, Galician, and Romanian. It even supports the xHTML platform, which will allow you to use richer text effects, such as color control, additional fonts, and wide application of the buttons.

The improved version of BIS also has an upgraded security feature in the BlackBerry. Application of PIN and secret questions have added to the safety measures to protect your email account from unauthorized use. Therefore you can always be ensured about the safety and security of your personal information.

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One thought on “America all set to upgrade their BlackBerries with the BIS 3.0

  1. This article is incorrect. Two way Sync with Gmail has ***NOT*** been released yet. It is coming in “Spring 2010″ and was separated from this BIS release, which has been public knowledge for a few weeks now.

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