Research In Motion’s unrelenting CEO Jim Balsillie named Business Newsmaker of the Year

jim balsillieAt a time when Research In Motion was written off by analysts, the third quarterly results were enough to stun everyone. In the face of growing competition from rivals like Google Wave and iPhone, the company managed to expand its customer base by 70 percent to 36 million subscribers. The year also witnessed Research In Motion treading into the unexplored land of China, where it tasted success yet again.

While on one side, the company is on a high, on the other side the attempts of the co-CEO of Research In Motion, Jim Balsillie to own a hockey team has met with repeated failures. Despite them, the CEO is still determined to achieve success in the pursuit of his favourite hockey team. The resolute pursuit to own the Phoenix Coyotes may not have met with success, but it has earned with him not only disrepute but also the approbation of the millions of Canadians anxious to have a professional hockey franchise in Canada.

A series of failure and battles with the U.S courts and the National Hockey League hasn’t been able to dampen the spirit in him, but rather it has earned him the title of Canada’s 2009 Business Newsmaker of the Year with as many as 44 votes out of 122 cast in his favour. He surely has become a sort of a Canadian hero trying to bring the game of hockey to Canada.

The stint with Phoenix Coyotes was not his first brush with failure; last year saw him bidding aggressively for the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators. For Phoenix Coyotes he had offered a lump sum of US$242.5 million with proposals to renovate Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum and a website to garner the support of Canadian fans for the team. All his efforts were marked with extreme levels of passion and determination, but could not land him the deal. Rather, he had to face irk of the high-ranking officials of the National Hockey League and was rebuked by the deputy commissioner of the NHL for this approach of pressurizing them to accept his bid.

Jim Balsillie is not someone who will give up, he is determined to turn his childhood dream into a reality. As Ron Foxcroft has said, he is now even more determined to pursue the dream. Sooner or later he is going to fulfill his dreams because he is not the person to whine in the face of failure.

Source: The Guardian Online

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