Featured Hardware Review: Stylophone Beatbox with BlackBerry Curve 8900 Free Style

Stylophone Beatbox with BlackBerry Curve 8900
Quite a while after reviewing the incredible X-Mini II speakers for BlackBerry we just received another nice and brand new gadget: the Stylophone Beatbox!

Though this piece is not purely for the BlackBerry, it works fine with it. I am actually a bit addicted right now and am playin’ all day long with this thing. My BlackBerry Curve 8900 plays the original tunes and I am hacking some ubersounds onto the betabox organ! Did you know that the original Stylophone was invented in 1967? Crazy, huh? Even David Bowie used it back then! Man – he must be old! The current license holder dübreq is still selling that one, but with the brand new Beatbox they kind of re-invented the Stylophone and made it compatible with the music world we know today!

When you open up the Stylophone Beatbox box it might look like this:

Stylophone Beatbox with BlackBerry Curve 8900 Free Style

Including a manual, of course. The Beatbox is battery operated with 3 AA batteries and a silly battery cap for which you need a screwdriver to open it. Who had that stupid idea? Anyway, the rest of the piece is fine and the manufacturing quality seems to be quite good. Connecting to the BlackBerry is very easy, just plug the 3.5 mm headphone cable into the headphone jack of the BlackBerry and the other end into the “MP3″ jack at the Beatbox. When you know play music on the BlackBerry, it will come out of the Stylophone :)

Here is the official detail listing:

Stylophone Beatbox Features

  • Three new sounds: Beatbox, Percussion and Steel Drums
  • Record Loop and Playback function
  • Tempo Adjust
  • Volume control
  • MP3 function – play along to any music – includes two way adapter

Product Details

  • For ages 7+
  • Requires 3x AA batteries – not supplied
  • Original features
  • Packaging (approx) 27cm(W) x 15cm(D) x 6cm(H)
  • Product (approx) 15.5cm(W) x 10cm(D) x 4cm(H)
  • Headphone socket

The BlackBerry Curve is the perfect bro for the Stylophone Beatbox. I got some help from my better half which is a bit more music savvy than me, but still not a professional musician. An official demo video can be found here. Here in action with Michael Jackson and the some free style performed Beatbox beats:

The Stylophone Beatbox also works alone and can record and play tunes:

The Stylophone Beatbox is available for only $25.50 plus shipping. Lucky me – reviewers get a free one; isn’t that great? 😎

Website: Stylophone Beatbox!

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Edited 2009-10-21: new and awesome video online! Check it out!

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