Get Your SMS Text Messages Sent to Your Email Address

As technology has advanced, so many upgrades keep coming up that the life of human being has become very simple. Now, whatever they think is possible for them. BlackBerry has got unlimited applications and still many are coming. Recently, a txtForward application has come up, which enables the transfer of your SMS text messages automatically from your BlackBerry, Android or Windows Mobile smartphone to other email address, where you want your SMS to go. This feature of sending and receiving text messaged to the email is beneficial in many ways.

If you are the one among the people, who like to have a back up for all their messages for future use, then this is the best application. It will allow you to send all your messages to your email account and keep it safe for life long.

Nowadays, most of us rely and focus more on email. Sometimes, one can even leave their mobile phone behind on their working desk, home or somewhere else. If you are one of those, then this application will not allow you to miss any important messages. This feature will send all your messages to your email. So you will have all your messages in your PC desktop. Thus, your work will not be hampered and you won’t miss any important information that comes in the form of a message.

People may keep phones for professional or personal use, but ultimately, they end up in confusion sometimes by mistake. They may land up taking different mobile. This all may lead to miss important messages, if they carry the wrong one with them. However, if you are having the txtForward application running on the smart phone, so now there is no chance of missing even a single message. In case you have taken up a new number and still everyone do not have it, then your email will notify you with the message.

This will surely be loved by the user and you can try it on your BlackBerry devices by taking a free trail. If you liked and find the application useful, then you can purchase the one having an unlock code and get started with the application. So, spending few will be worth as you have all the important messages related to business, personal etc in your email safe and secured. Have a wonderful messaging service by the use of txtForward application.

Website: TxtForward download

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One thought on “Get Your SMS Text Messages Sent to Your Email Address

  1. I’m not sure about old blackberries, but on my storm I can do this for free. I really can’t see what buying this app would do better then the free forward function of my storm.

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