ActionPad Beta 9 will be released this week!

I just received confirmation that there will be a new version of ActionPad released this week!

Beta 9 will come some more fancy features like memo statistics, user interface polishing, memo email sending directly from the details screen and some minor updates.

ActionPad is still available for free and for me it is a lot better than the original MemoPad application from RIM! The main advantages are the quick category access as well as the awesome integration into existing BlackBerry applications like email and SMS messages. It also synchronizes instantly with Outlook or MS Exchange if you have wireless sync set up.

Free Beta Download: ActionPad for BlackBerry

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3 thoughts on “ActionPad Beta 9 will be released this week!

  1. I would love to try the Beta Actionpad for Blackberry Storm 9530 but I submitted my name and email and they (s4bb)never responded with an
    OTA link to the application. It has been a couple of days and I would greatly appreciate a link sent to my email please!

    Thank you!

    Audrey Fodor

  2. I received my download link straight away. Perhaps it went to your spam folder?

    Have you tried to contact them directly (S4BB Support)? They are usually pretty fast in replying to emails.

    P.S.: I removed your email address from your comment for your own privacy. Hope you don’t mind :)

  3. trying new version,a bit slow but seamless integration with Memo Pad-but a bit of a pain to have to type in a password for each and every memo you want to encryt. anyone know if you can use a master password to encrypt things? also there should be a “confirm” or “retype” password to negate any typos(i had one and know it’s permanently encrypted,luckily i remembered the memo

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