Now Shop smartly with Frugalytics in your BlackBerry!

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you were not sure if you will be able to find a product for a better price somewhere else? Are you tired of visiting endless stores before buying the best product for yourself? To ease your problem, Intelary Inc has designed this new software called Frugalytics v1.0 for BlackBerry mobile users. Well, Frugalytics is a kind of comparison shopping, which can help you anytime and anywhere. You can search through millions of products and compare their prices before buying any of them. You can also read product descriptions and review ratings for all the products from your BlackBerry itself. This all is possible with Frugalytics now.

Key Features of Frugalytics v1.0 is:

Intelligent Shopping Guide: Frugalytics is an intelligent shopping guide. It helps you to compare shopping anytime and anywhere. With its help, you can now compare prices of millions of products very easily. This actually makes you aware of the real value of the product. You can also read product descriptions as well as product reviews with Frugalytics in your BlackBerry. The application provides better prices and more search results very quickly.

Saves Time and Money: You can save your time and money with the help of Frugalytics. Now, you do not have to visit endless stores in order to get best price for your product. With this application installed in your BlackBerry device, it can assist you in comparing prices of different products anytime and anywhere. This actually saves your time as well as money.

Minimum requirements for Frugalytics v1.0 are:

For having this superb application called Frugalytics v1.0 in your BlackBerry, the device must have minimum display dimension of 160×160. OS in the device should be of v4.2 and higher is recommended for installing Frugalytics in your BlackBerry. Frugalytics is compatible with the BlackBerry 7130c and higher.

In case you have some doubts or you face some problems regarding Frugalytics, you can consult its Technical Support Team through its website. The best thing about this great application is that it’s absolutely free of cost. With no cost attached to it this application is simply superb and is extremely useful while shopping for any product. So use Frugalytics before you make your next big purchase and save your precious time as well as money. Frugalytics is simply one of the great and useful applications, which can help you make a smart move before buying any product or commodity.

Frugalytics download website:—Shopping-for-Smart-People

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