Now CliffsNotes: Beowulf Beowulf for your BlackBerry!

Do you love reading and always look forward to come across great stories and poems? Are you the one, who still enjoys reading great epic tales of monsters, warriors and battles? Well if you are and you have a BlackBerry, then there is a great news for you. Incelligence Inc has developed this new application called CliffsNotes: Beowulf v1.05 for your BlackBerry devices.

CliffsNotes: Beowulf for BlackBerry covers the longest and oldest surviving Anglo-Saxon poem. It is an epic tale of monsters & magic, feasts, warriors & battles, heroic action and treasures. Beowulf is one of the oldest existing poems in the world of English language. The poem is important and known for its themes, poetry and historical accounts. The story of the Beowulf’s actions and deeds still comes alive today with this new application called CliffsNotes: Beowulf, which has been especially designed for BlackBerry mobiles.

Some great features of CliffsNotes: Beowulf v1.05 are:

Easy to use: CliffsNotes: Beowulf is one of those applications, which are very much user friendly. You do not have to be a technical expert to use this tool. Perhaps, its scrolling menus are easy to operate and hence readers can enjoy the great epic tales in a comfortable manner.

Knowledgeable: CliffsNotes: Beowulf is full of knowledge and one can learn about great historical accounts, warriors, battles, heroic actions and treasures through it. Apart from the great knowledge, they can also be a good past time whenever you are feeling bored.

Minimum Requirements for CliffsNotes: Beowulf v1.05 is:

You can have CliffsNotes: Beowulf application in your, BlackBerry if your BlackBerry has a minimum of 500K phone memory. The minimum Display Dimensions of 160 x 160 and operating system of 3 and higher is recommended for having the application in your BlackBerry mobile. Again, it is compatible with BlackBerry 8100 and higher devices.

In case you require any technical help related to CliffsNotes: Beowulf, you can contact its Technical Help Desk via its website: The developers here are always ready to answer all your questions.

For a price of just $4.99, CliffsNotes: Beowulf is simply worth investing in. CliffsNotes: Beowulf is unique in its way and its great stories can really be a good time pass in your solitude. The stories and epic tales of warriors, battles, and heroic events can take you into the history and teach you more about the English Language. CliffsNotes: Beowulf is a great application for people, who love to read about historical events and tales in poetic form.

CliffsNotes: Beowulf download website:

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