New TaskMailer version coming soon

There is going to be a new TaskMailer version released very soon. The beta program is running for more than a month now and the program was very reliable since the beginning.

Here is the official description and feature list of the program’s latest version 1.1.0:

TaskMailer is a small program which allows you to create and email a task (todo) in the fastest way you can imagine. The current features include:

  • Easily create and email a task with one program.
  • Task email attachment formats: iCal and vCal.
  • Compatible with desktop task applications including but not limited to Microsoft® Outlook®, iCal®, Entourage®, and more.
  • Email a task anyone!
  • Optional: save the task in your BlackBerry’s internal task database.
  • Task preferences which can be entered: name, priority, status, due date, category / categories, notes.
  • Fast access: by assigning one of the BlackBerry’s softkey to TaskMailer the program is accessible with just one click. More here.

New beta version 1.1.0 features:

  • Slimmer design.
  • Task can now be mailed out with just 3 clicks.
  • Everything is in one screen (makes it faster to use).
  • All settings are saved for convenience (status, priority, due date, categories, save to BlackBerry, iCal or vCal format).
  • Hotkey (ENTER) to send a task quickly.
  • vCal attchments are now attached as “vcal.vcs” file instead of using “vcal.ics”.

While it is in beta stage it is free to use this application. I guess, all beta testers will also get a huge discount on this nice app once it is released to public. However, beta version 1.2.0 will come to public soon, so this will be very interesting!

Join the beta tester crowd: TaskMailer Beta Program

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