How To Fix An Endless Re-Booting Loop On Your BlackBerry

You might have installed a 3rd party application recently or just upgraded your BlackBerry OS and now your BlackBerry says something like:

Error 202: reset

What would you do? Most people run into the next phone shop or call their carrier support. Unfortunately, those support guys do not really know how to fix this issue – mostly. However, this is not as complicated as many might imagine. I did this for several devices already including a BlackBerry 7290, 8700v, Pearl, and others. This howto technically works with all BlackBerry models including the new BlackBerry Bold and Thunder. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Get the most recent BlackBerry OS as you would do when you upgrade your BlackBerry OS.
  2. Install this on your PC.
  3. Connect your BlackBerry to your PC.
  4. Make sure the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is NOT running.
  5. Open a command line by going to: Start » Run… » enter “cmd” » HIT ENTER
  6. Navigate to the Application Loader directory by entering: cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\
  7. Enter and start: Loader.exe /nojvm
  8. The BlackBerry’s Java Loader will pop up.
  9. Follow the instructions and install the new OS on your device.

The BlackBerry should automatically reboot at the end of the installation process and your device is back working. :)

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4 thoughts on “How To Fix An Endless Re-Booting Loop On Your BlackBerry

  1. Folks the thing worked!!!!!

    Thanks to the poster of the msg as my bb is now back in place.

    I even reached a point of calling the RIM support but got no assistance.

    All the luck to whoever encountered such a problem

  2. This still does not work for me. I’ve read this same thing on 3 separate Forums, but every time I do exactly as is stated it still reboots. If I don’t put the battery in it never proceeds past step 2 in the application loader, the waiting for device loader stage. And, as soon as i put the battery in it just loops and connects, disconnects the entire time. I have the Blackberry Tour for Verizon.

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