Howto transfer files to your BlackBerry (Windows)

Tansferring files to your BlackBerry is pretty easy.

There are currently several ways of doing this conveniently:

  1. Copy files using the Windows Explorer
  2. Copy files using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager / Roxio Media Manager
  3. Copy files to your Micro-SD-Card
  4. Receive files by EMail

1. Copy files using the Windows Explorer

This is my favorite method. It is easy, very fast to setup and you get a direct feedback. The disadvantage is: You can copy a file just to the Micro-SD-Card that has been already installed on your BlackBerry. To do so, please proceed as followed:

  • Connect your BlackBerry to your computer via USB.
  • A new drive will appear.
  • Navigate to the BlackBerry directory at the new device.
  • Copy your file to that directory.
    • If you have a special file you want to copy please select the appropriate subdirectory:
      BlackBerry SD-Card Subdirectories
    • Music: MP3 music files.
    • Pictures: PNG or JPG picture files.
    • Ringtones: MP3 ring tone files to be used within BlackBerry applications e.g. for Alarm.
    • System: Not to be used by user (which would be you).
    • Videos: Video files for the BlackBerry’s video player.
  • Perform a right click on the device and select Eject.

2. Copy files using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager / Roxio Media Manager

Actually, I don’t like the Roxio Media Manager at all. The program comes with too much overhead and is not that easy to handle. Anyway, it is rich in features and you can nearly everything with it (except making a good coffee).

Roxio Media Manager

The media manager automatically recognizes a BlackBerry that is connected to your computer. You can pretty easy just drag and drop a file from your local desktop computer (upper area) to the BlackBerry (lower area).

3. Copy files to your Micro-SD-Card

Copying files to the SD-Card directly is the most complecated and slowest way to get files onto your BlackBerry. Anyway, just to give you an imagination on how that works please proceed as followed:

  • Switch off your BlackBerry.
  • Remove your battery.
  • Pull off your microSD card.
  • Put your microSD card into a microSD-to-SD card adapter.
  • Put the SD card adapter (with the microSD card in it) into your SD card reader of your computer.
  • A new drive should be created automatically.
  • Copy files to the SD card (like described in option 1).
  • Eject and remove the SD card from your computer.
  • Put the card back to your BlackBerry as well as the battery.
  • Wait for the BlackBerry to be booted.

4. Receive files by EMail

You can easily receive files that are attached to an email. Of course, you will need a BlackBerry plan for this and it will deduct traffic allowance from your plan. However, the procedure is really easy:

  • Open Compose EMail in your favorite EMail client on your desktop computer.
  • Attach the file you want to send to your email.
  • Click Send and take a look at your BlackBerry.
  • Select the received EMail and open it for reading. Click the Attachment button and select Save Attachment.
  • Select a directory and a file name, and you’re done.

These are all methods I know about where a BlackBerry user can achieve all steps. There might be other methods like uploading a file to a webserver and downloading the file to your BlackBerry. However, this is kind of complicated and you need to have access to the web server where you want to upload and later download your file. Therefor, I skipped this.

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  1. Neil says:

    Of course with the 8130, the SD card goes in the side, so there is no need to turn it off or remove the battery. In theory, putting the card into a PCMCIA slot or similar memory card slot should be faster than going through USB, at least for large files, but I haven’t had time to test this yet.

    If you want to transfer pictures, email may not be a good method. The BIS (and I presume the BES) will always resize your pictures, sometimes even when you request the “full image”.

  2. [...] Tansferring files to your BlackBerry is pretty easy. There are currently several ways of doing this conveniently: Copy files using the Windows Explorer Copy files using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager / Roxio Media Manager Copy files to your Micro-SD-Card Receive files by EMail 1. Copy files using the Windows Explorer This is my favorite method. It is easy, very fast to setup and you get a direct feedback. The disadvantage is: You can copy a file just to the Micro-SD-Card that has been al source: Howto transfer files to your BlackBerry (Windows), BlackBerryInsight [...]

  3. There is no way to do this wirelessly over Bluetooth?


  4. im not joe says:

    hey i need some help when ever i hook up my blackberry it goes directly on charge. How do i get it to put it on like connect to my comp?

  5. Kyle says:

    what am I supposed to do?

  6. Kyle says:

    A new drive doesn’t appear when i hook up my blackberry. WHat am I suppodes to Do

  7. Miz.Michele says:

    I read your post onthe Mico SD card. Here is what I do. I installed the Mico SD 4GB card. I hook up the mini USB cable – I actually have one hooked up all the time to my home desktop and one to work on. I plug in my phone and the drive automatically shows and I save what I want. I do not use any readers. For me, it is is quick, easy and painless.

  8. Grafton says:

    is there any way to transfer files to my blackberry just through drag-and-drop? similar to a flash drive? i hook it up to my computer but there is no icon under my_computer. please help!

  9. Ujjwal Soni says:


    I have blackberry 6130g, i cannot transfer music in the phone..can ne 1 tell me how can i do this ???



  10. kev taylor says:

    i have blackberry curve and i cant transfer ringtones from friends phones via bluetooth just rejects everytime they try must be settings problem eny ideas

  11. Jeremy says:

    All who have trouble with the BlackBerry not showing as a drive when connected to the PC:

    1) Go to Options/Memory.
    2) Click the BlackBerry button, select Format. Format the media card.
    3) Make sure that Mass Storage Mode Support is set to On and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode is set to Yes (or at least prompt).
    4) Connect BlackBerry to PC.
    5) Drag and drop at will. The folders are labeled for you already.

  12. Angela says:

    so the first time i plugged in my usb,the new drive appears but after i unplugged it and then i plugged it, the drive doesn’t appear! and i cant find it
    please help!!

  13. Lee says:

    I use a dbt-122 to connect my curve via bluetooth. i can send files like pictures and songs to my bb. my problem is when i try to send files such as pdf’s so that in turn i can attach them to an email. i get a promted back that say “the request cannot be horoned” anyone know what the problem is?? i’m using the dlink drivers and software that came with the dbt-122. If some one is going to ask the question i work in the oil feild in northern canada and i don’t have an air card for internet so my bb is my only connection to the world and tecksuport, thanks

  14. Try Swap it! Encrypt it! They offer the cheapest file transfer service on-line! They don’t require a membership or sign up of any kind to use their service. You can pick the file size you want to send (saves you loads of money). They also let you send small files for free. Plus their services works for mobile devices!
    That’s right, I use Swap it! Encrypt it! to send videos, photos and other stuff from my iPhone to my home computer or friends cell phones!

    Check it out: !!!

    PS. You can send files up to 5 gig’s in size!

  15. aloshua ariza says:

    I still have that problem , that it doesnt show up as an external disk on my pc , could it be a vista problem?

  16. Ujjwal Soni says:


    I have upgraded my phone to blackberry curve, i am not able to transfer the music into my phone. Can some one tell me how to do this ? I read all the manuals but according to that when i try to copy the files, it shows me access denied….wat should i do now ?


    Ujjwal B Soni

  17. Emily says:

    I need to transfer my AOL email files from my Blackberry to my computer. Is there a way to do this in a chunk as opposed to resending them all?

  18. Dan Tacker says:

    i need to transfer the address book from blackberry to my desktop. getting a new phone and need two address books loaded. only one can be loaded at a time so i must download the info from the bb to desktop. bb is company phone and i am giving it back. thanks.

  19. Bink says:

    I’ve got a Blackberry bold and Vista laptop. 2 new drives appear in Windows explorer when I connect the handset to via USB, however neither drive is accessible.

    When I click on them, I get “Please insert a disk into Removable Disk (Drive letter).”

  20. Lukas says:

    same with my 8900… I installed all BB SW from the CD which was part of the package into my PC. I thought a separate folder would appear in Windows Explorer. But nope. And when I tried to use the BB SW, there was no option like “Move files from this directory to your BB”, nowhere. It is SO CLUMSY, COMPLICATED AND USER NON-FRIENDLY! Why the heck I should send 1GB of music to my phone why email?? Who in his right set of mind would spend so much bandwidth and energy if it can be transferred by USB?!

  21. k says:

    I just drag and drop files into the folder. Very easy for me.

    Works on Windows and Mac :)

  22. EGO53 says:

    I just bought a Blackberry curve 8520. Managed to synchronise contacts and calendar, however I have not been able to get my windows bookmarks imported onto the Blackberry. Has anyone had a similar experience and/or found a solution? Thanks

  23. Glen says:

    Please provide instructions on how to upload Ebooks.

  24. teresa says:

    Im using blackberry bold 9000

    I hav to transfer media files thru the desktop manager, but right now my BB media sync just cant be installed. Then everytime I plug my blackberry to my pc via usb cable, a new drive wont appear in my computer.

    could anyone help me with this? why doesnt my blackberry drive appear in my pc? thanks

  25. Danielle says:

    I recorded a video and would love to put it on youtube, i’ve added the video to my media manager but it only gives me the option to extract image. i need step by step on how to save the video and audio to a video file on my computer to upload on youtube. ive spent hours trying to figure it out. please help me, thanks

  26. Lionel says:

    Thanks Jeremy for your help in enabling my media card. It had a big problem for me for long now. My regards

  27. Laila says:

    Thanks Jeremy, quite help.

  28. abi says:

    ive plugged in my blackberry with the usb but the comp doesnt show any new drive.ive formatted the media card like you said but nothing seems to work.what should i do?????

  29. tanveer says:

    actually i check Don’t ask it again option that comes on the mobile phone when i connect to the computer through USB…now when i connect usb to the computer ,my computer shows removable disk but when on it to open it shows insert device i am unable to connect my phone with computer to transfer files…….plz tell me the way ………

  30. Camilla Bevan says:

    okay, soiv been ale to upload photos from my blackberry to my computer fine. However, just yestrerday tried to do it and it wouldnt let me. I shows that i have the photos but i cant access them
    how do i fix this?

  31. Niraj says:

    i have transfered my phone contact on memory card as a back up.
    Now need to transfer the same to my black berry.
    Pls advice how do i do that..

  32. carla says:

    Hi everyone!

    I would ke to know why when i connect my blackbrry bold to my computer (windowsvista and alo in onother oner XP) with usb there appear a questions asking me if a had aeady instaled a Blackberry user tools cd. when i bough this cellphne i didn´t receive any cd in the package.

  33. Liz says:

    I just got the new Blackberry Curve 8530 and I’m wanting to upload the pictures from my old SD card onto the Blackberry somehow. Can I save them to the phone? I don’t want to use the old SD card because it has a fourth of the memory that the SD card the Blackberry came with has but I don’t want to lose those pics either. Please help!!

  34. Marc says:

    I’m planning to purchase the Blackberry 8820. I need to know if this phone allows the quick exchange of documents (text documents is my main concern) between the phone and the computer? Is it possible to use the phone as a drive in the computer to copy text documents to/form it? That’s really what I need; My present BB model does not do this (RIM 7290). To be clear, I’m looking for a device that will allow me to take a text file on my computer, copy it to the phone, EDIT it on the phone and than put it back on the computer to edit again and so on. I seem to have an immense difficulty of finding out about this simple thing. Everybody talks about loading photos and songs on the phone, but no one ever mentions TEXT!

  35. [...] Originally Posted by mbaez53 Thanks for your reply, I had the blackberry pearl as my last phone,When I plugged in my nexus to my pc i saw a bunch of folders but one of them was a blackberry folder I noticed it was using around 4.79 GB, I was wondering if I could just delete that folder??? But then I don't know if my pic/music will still be on my nexus, thanks Well did you explore the Blackberry folder at all? I am assuming that if it is almost 5GB in size that there is probably something in there. Why don't you just do what I suggested in my early post? Just mount your SD card in your Nexus and copy all the data to your PC. Then just format the card and copy stuff back at your leisure. You can also just copy the Blackberry folder over and then just delete off your SD card. Once on your PC you can pick and choose what you want to keep or not without taking up 5GB on your phone. If there were pictures, documents, music and etc on there it would be in a very specific structure and easy to find. This post might help out a little… BlackBerryInsight Howto transfer files to your BlackBerry (Windows) [...]

  36. Help needed says:

    Ok, I need to put microsoft commnicator on my blackberry via my computer. I don’t want links to other sites, can I just be told how to do it via USB.

  37. gary welsh says:

    umm i can send stuff out but when people send me things it doesnt work how can i make that work

  38. dorjey gurung says:

    actually when i connect my BLACKBERRY 8310 SMARTPHONE (EDGE)V4.5.0.182(Platform phone to the computer through USB…now when i connect usb to the computer ,my computer shows removable disk… but when i click it to open,… it shows ” Please insert a disk into F:” i am unable to connect my phone with computer to transfer files…….plz tell me the way ………

  39. Someone says:

    Iam using a bb rim 4.0 version. I know I know…its a old version it doesn’t have a SD card How to transfer da files from pc to bb?

  40. This Dude says:

    I can transfer most of the songs from the itunes to the music file on the micro SD card. but when i try to put some songs onto the SD card, it asks “do yu want to tranfer the song without its property?” and if i click yes, the BlackBerry/SD card doesnt read the song, and it’s unable to play on the phone. Why does this happen?

  41. Charlotte says:

    Helppp! i connect the usb and a new device comes up but when i click on the device it say insert cd into this drive nothing about navgate to the directory what do i do?

  42. Thabo Tawo says:

    Helppp! i connect the usb and a new device comes up but when i click on the device it say insert cd into this drive nothing about navgate to the directory what do i do?


  43. lc says:

    If when connecting your BB to your pc and it is showing up as a removable disk with the please insert disk message – Make sure the BB operating system is v5.0.

  44. Renaterena says:

    Okay, but what does that mean? How do I make sure that BB operating system is v5.0.?

  45. You can check your OS version on your BlackBerry in ‘Options’>’About’. Hope that helps

  46. Alanabcrook says:

    Okay, so like i have a blackberry and im trying to sync the music from the microsoft media player to my phone but when i put the music underneath the sync button, it doesn’t want to transfer. What do i do to my phone to transfer what i want?

  47. danni says:

    wheres this drag/drop thing people are on about cos i dont have this!

  48. Rob says:

    I have tried all sorts to get pictures from my pc desktop to  my blackberry 9900 bold
    Tried to Download Desktop Software v7.1.0 B33 (Multilanguage)
    And the it fails & says The window Installer cannot be accessed, This in occur if the windows installer is not correctly Installed, Contact your support personel for assistance.
    For god sake i have done everything that has been asked for & still no luck & end up with the same message someone please help me

    I have also tried this method: plug the Blackberry into the computer and give them a minute or two to
    recognize each other. Once the computer has recognized the Blackberry,
    open Windows Explorer and find the Blackberry listed among the external
    drives. (Note that that is Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer…
    those are two different things.) Once you find the phone listed as one
    of the external drives, click on it and look at the folders. There
    should be a folder holding the photos, often called “DCIM.” Double click
    on that folder to open it and see the files.

    When i find the external drives i find the picture but it wont show up on my blackberry
    Also it asks me to please insert a dick to removable disk
    Help me!!!!

  49. Lilangel1898 says:

    hi, when i am inserting the usb to my PC it asks for an access code. PLz advice

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