Howto switch (to) the BlackBerry device

I recently upgraded my old BlackBerry Pearl to a new BlackBerry Curve 8320. The problem you are always encountering is: how do I transfer my data from my old BlackBerry to my new one? Well, you could technically just do create a backup and then restore it on your new device.

However, as the new BlackBerry Desktop Manager that came along with the Curve, has is a new option called “Switch Device Wizard”. So I thought it might be an good idea to use it. I mean, that thing seems to be built exactly for the above mentioned reason. I guess, it internally does exactly the same like the “backup & restore” procedure you could do “manually” as well.

The “Switch Device Wizard” is easy to find. Please make sure, your old device is connected to the computer and the BlackBerry Device Manager recognized it already.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

After you have started the wizard, you can now select whether to switch from an old to a new BlackBerry device (what I did) or from another mobile device (e.g. iPAQ, Palm, etc.) to a BlackBerry.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

Now you can select all data that should be transferred. Of course, this screen looks different if you are switching from a Palm for example (applications cannot be transferred due to the fact that Palm is running Palm OS or Windows Mobile on their devices; and BlackBerry is running BlackBerry OS which are kind of incompatible for applications). Anyway, I selected everything, because it is good to get all my old stuff (contacts, tasks, calendar events, applications, emails, sms, pin messages, photos, etc.) to my new BlackBerry. It seems it is not possible to copy MP3 and video files with this wizard.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

After confirming this you might need to wait a while. Depending on the amount of data you have on your device, this might take quite a long time. Please ensure you do not disconnect your BlackBerry from your computer or switch the computer off. You will have to restart the process if you perform one of those actions 😉

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

After some time, all data has been copied from your old BlackBerry to your desktop computer.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

Now it is save to disconnect your old BlackBerry from your computer and connect the new one. By the way: the most reliable and fast connection would be USB in this case.

You can now also select to automatically activate/register your BlackBerry at your BES server or not. If you are not on a BES (e.g. you are on BIS) the second option would be the better choice.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

It looks like system recognized all application I have had installed on my old device before. That’s nice.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

Reloading the data onto the new device might take a while as well. Patience is needed here.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

It looks like this went pretty well. No errors, no nothing, just easy going!

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

But stop! It wasn’t that easy as it looked. I began using my BlackBerry and encountered that my BIS setup was gone. I mean the new setup on my new device (which came with a new contract, new telefone number, new PIN, new email address, etc.). I used the new BlackBerry Curve before I decided to transfer the data from my old. So the problem was, that the device switch procedure deleted some stuff on my new Curve that was working already. I have listed it below:

  • BIS email settings
  • BIS email service book entries
  • All SMS
  • All EMails

This was not good! It should not happen! I discovered it when I tried to write an email as the following message poped up:

“No message services configured. You will only be able to Save Draft.”

I was a bit confused as it was working one day before. After google-ing a bit, I figured out that my service book entries were gone – as well as all the stuff mentioned above. However, the service book entries could be restored. I looged in to the web access of the BIS where my new BlackBerry is registered.

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

There found this small but helpful button called “Send Service Books”:

Howto switch the BlackBerry device

That did the trick. After I sent the service book entries again, the BlackBerry got a message for registering my device at the system. Everything is back working fine. :)

Best On-Device Backup App for BlackBerry we know: DataBackup! (when the BlackBerry Desktop Manager failed to work properly to transfer my personal data, I used DataBackup to do so. Step 1: Create a new backup and store it on the sd card. Step 2: Take out sd card and put into new BlackBerry. Step 3: Restore backup to the new BlackBerry. Voila! 😎

I hope this howto is of a bit help to you guys. More helpful howtos can be found in our Category:Howtos.

26 thoughts on “Howto switch (to) the BlackBerry device

  1. I do data support for one of the big four carriers in the US and as someone who walks customers through this on a regular basis, I have to say that the backup and restore option is much better for non-technical users. I’ve had great success with both methods, but the device switch option is great if you are switching from Palm or Windows Mobile, but I recommend good ol backup and restore for a blackberry to blackberry switch.

    Also, the device switch wizard was around in the last version of Blackberry Desktop Manager, so it isn’t exactly new, but it is more polished in 4.3

  2. Hi there: I love your instructions. Unfortunately, when I get to the Switch Device Wizard screen, even thoough there are two options, when I double click on “Switch from another device to a Blackberry device,” nothing happens. Even though I am given two choices, only the first choice, (Switch Blackberry Devices) works for me.
    Unfortunately, I am transferring files from a Treo 750 to a Blackberry so I need for the 2nd option to work for me. Do you know what I could be doing wrong. There’s this instruction that says I should turn synchronization off in my Blackberry device but I do not even know how to do that.

    Please help. Thanks………

  3. Hi,
    I am trying to transfer my memos, text messages ect from my palm 650 to my blackberry world, 8830 and it says that it has done it sucessfully and yet when I look at my blackberry, no information has been transferred. And, the downloading process is extremely quick, which leads me to also know that nothing was accomplished. Please help, Thank you!

  4. I am in the same boat as Emy and Lauren – I am moving from a Treo 700 to a blackberry 8830, and the option to “Switch from another device” is grayed out – in the text, it indicates that “both devices must be connected to the computer”, but I’m tellin ya….they are!

  5. thanks, this was very helpful, i was so excited when i came on the internet and seen this thanks alot!

  6. hi,
    i have been using the palm desktop (calendar and address book) for a long time and like it. do i have to switch to outlook in order to use the blackberry curve?

  7. Hi all,

    I’m having the same problem as a few other people have mentioned. I’m trying to transfer my data over from a Palm TX, and the option to select from which device I want to import from is greyed out. Both devices are connected to the computer. I’m using Windows XP Pro. Any help anyone has would be appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Is their a backup program, that would backup my pearl to the sd card? I’m always on the road and I like to backup my phone periodically.



  9. Hi

    I need to change blackberry devices but don’t want the information on the current blackberry. The switch device option only allows you to back up the current phone then attach the second phone an sync. I only want info in Outlook to over-ride what’s on the current blackberry

    Please help


  10. Transferred data from old Curve to new Curve and lost all the calendar stuff.

    How do I get the calendar to restore or move to the new Curve?


  11. I tried to enter my BB password via Desktop Manager and it did not work.
    However the BB itself accepts my PW. This is frustrating and I cant figure out why its doing it.I cannot switch all settings to my new Curve.

  12. Info great on how to switch – i changed to a new curve when my tracker ball started to stick.

    Lost all my pictures however – any suggestions on how I retrieve them and put them back on the new blackberry – would be happy just to be able to retrieve them from the back up file and send to my pc…………help!

  13. Great info. My blackberry pearl got wet and it still works except for the screen display is completely blacked out. I used the Desktop manager to retrieve my contacts but I am trying to figure out a way to retrieve my sms text messages as well. I am not transferring to a new device yet, I would just like to view them on my pc. Can anyone help me? Thanks

  14. Switch from one device to another was grayed out. I turned off the Windows firewall and I was able to access the button and transfer from the Palm Treo to the BlackBerry.

  15. do you blackberry messenger contacts get switched over to your new device without sending requests??? i

  16. Any one know if doing the back-up then restore (not using the switching) works well from different carriers? I have a BBCurve on Sprint and will be moving to a BBCurve on Verizon. Will everything restore correctly and not mess with the Verizon software?

  17. i jsut used the switch device feature but i cant send or recieve emails. how do i get the email working??

  18. Where i renewed my contract screwed up and if I switch the data to another bb will it automatically change my PIN on the other phones that are using my PIN?

  19. Dear All,

    I have lost my blackberry 8310 mobile on 28th Dec.09, to track i have only Pin No.; 253AD3CC

    Can I track my handset?

    Please help me to track my mobile and provide the call status from today at 8.30 am onwards.

    My Airtel Blackberry Mobile No.: 9893620324


    Akhilesh Sharma

    Another Mobile No. : 9827477591

  20. HELP!
    My Palm 700P uses bluetooth to sync with my 64 Bit Vista PC….When I attempt to sync using “Switch Devices” option, the program does not recognize my Palm–i.e.: Palm doesn’t connect with USB.
    How can I transfer my info?

  21. I used Devise switch wizard to transfer Palm data. All is well except Calender events priot to swith date. How can I now get these. I have made many changes to contacts, etc since the download, will I loose all of that?


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