BlackBerry services and devices at China Mobile

People's Republic of China

Since quite a long time the BlackBerry service should be available in China. Right now it is possible to get a service plan as well as devices there.

Unfortunately, China Mobile (RIM’s partner in China) is only selling two old devices:

Obviously, you cannot buy – officially – other devices like the Pearl, Curve or one of the 8800 Series. Perhaps because some of them have a built-in GPS receiver and you can navigate quite well with them?

Moreover, it is very interesting that China Mobile’s BlackBerry 8700g looks pretty much like the BlackBerry 7280 (see screenshot below) :)

China Mobile - BlackBerry 7290 - BlackBerry 8700g

China Mobile Site: What’s new – BlackBerry

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11 thoughts on “BlackBerry services and devices at China Mobile

  1. heyy.. do anyone know if there’s blackberry service in china (shanghai)? and if there is, which network provider is it? i’ve been asking around and no one was sure, i called china mobile though, they couldn’t provide the service to an individual except when you are being registered by your company, please help

  2. I bought blackberry D612B here in Kenya.It is not compatible to our local email providers.And is not compatible to opera mini java script.Can you develop your own java script for us? I cannot access emails.Please answer me if you are there.

  3. Can someone concerned please respond to the comments/questions raised. March 2 i asked if there is a user manual for ‘blackberry’ D612B. Victor raised an issue of compatibility with java script. I also have a similar problem.(You are not alone brother) As a matter of fact a cell phone with proper connectivity to the internet gives one an added value.

    Please give us feedback


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