Buy Domains directly on your BlackBerry

(PRWEB) September 19, 2007 — Network Solutions has developed a new application that allows customers to search for and buy a domain name, or conduct a WHOIS database search, directly from their iPhone, Treo™, Blackberry®, or other Web-enabled mobile devices.

This new mobile application, which allows customers to buy a domain with just one click, can detect whether a customer is visiting the Network Solutions site from an iPhone or other mobile-enabled device, and quickly presents a home page that can be easily viewed. If a customer is using an iPhone, this new application will present an interface specifically designed for their phone that leverages the iPhone’s high resolution touch screen.

Via eMediaWire™

Basically, it is just a small website that is optimized for mobile browser like the BlackBerry® browser. If you use Opera Mini you can order domains at every company like

Network Solutions
Build my mobi

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