Audiobooks on your BlackBerry – The lazy way of reading

Did you ever wanted to read more books? How about let somebody else read it for you?

Those things are called audio books and they are available for quite a long time already. However, it seems there are some of the classics created for your BlackBerry. It is very easy to just copy these audiobook mp3 files to your BlackBerry’s SD-Card and listen to them. It is some kind of convenient, if you are not in the mood to actually read something but don’t want to waste your time. So as of now you can have somebody else reading for you.

There are already some classics online. Some of them are splitted into 2 or 3 parts but there are also some that have only one part. An audiobook starts at $9.99. If there are more than two parts they cost $14.99. Here is a lost of the currently available audiobooks for BlackBerry:

Around the world audiobook for BlackBerry Twenty Thousand Leagues under the sea audiobook for BlackBerry Alice's Adventures in Wonderland audiobook for BlackBerry From Earth to Moon audiobook for BlackBerry

Complete List at MobiHand

7 thoughts on “Audiobooks on your BlackBerry – The lazy way of reading

  1. How can I get audio books for my Blackberry Curve? Is the King James Holy Bible abailable in audio? What software do I need to listen to audio books on my Blackberry?

    Bill Gasperson

  2. I find the comment “the lazy way of reading” very offensive. Auditory learners are not “lazy”.

  3. i have books on my computer in itunes for my ipod, how can i download them to my blackberry curve

  4. If you can connect your device (any device) to a computer then you can access the SD card. Just look for the MP3 Directory (might have to go to My Computer, Tools, Folder Options, View, and select Show hidden files and folders to see the directory structure but, it should be present.

  5. i just wanted to point out that you can now “check out” mp3 audiobooks from some local libraries. i use my blackberry pearl to check out books from my library and can listen to them for up to two weeks.

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