HowTo: Upgrade your BlackBerry OS

This is an update on our famous guide “HowTo Upgrade BlackBerry OS” which still contains all information you need but might be outdated regarding the links to download your new BlackBerry OS.

1. To upgrade your BlackBerry to the latest OS version, you have to go to the provider-specific download page:

Asia Pacific


North America

South America

2. The most recent BlackBerry Desktop software is available here:

In most cases it is also possible to install an update from a different carrier (if they have the same BlackBerry model). This might be useful if your carrier does not provide the most recent version you need or you want to have a special foreign charset support. For example, you can install the “Hong Kong CSL” version to have Chinese character and input support (the Operation System will still be English).
To install a OS update from a different carrier you have to delete C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In Motion\AppLoader\VENDOR.XML first.

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37 thoughts on “HowTo: Upgrade your BlackBerry OS

  1. i have a old blackberry 7230 wireless handheld from t-mobile. unfortunately i got it from a friend but i have no t-mobile phone number. so how do i update my software ? softwares from any other sources don’t work.

  2. i am in pakistan and i don,t have gprs in my blackberry,my network provider can,t provide gprs setting for blackberry but provide gprs for all other mobile sets like nokia samsung. how i activate gprs and wap browesing at my BlackBerry7230
    Thanks in advance

  3. Hi all,

    After returning from a recent trip to SE Asia including China I wrote a letter to Verizon Wireless Customer Support regarding the need for Americans to access Chinese language features. I have a BB 8830 and I have not been able to get Chinese input working. A copy of my letter is at

    I think it would be wise for all customers to continue to demand that VZW meet the needs of its customers in the global age. Perhaps more pressure from customers will force the company to fix the problem rather than customers having to hack the phone.

    Regarding the above, I think that the Chinese input will be available only if one has a phone model that is made by the target vendor. I am not certain but I believe that the “World Edition” 8830 is only made by VZW. Can someone enlighten me if I am wrong? Also would anyone be able to tell me if they have gotten an 8830 to support Chinese input?

    Thanks in advance and thanks to the author for this post. I have seen it work with some degree of success. Remember to get a hands free kit when driving and to use your phone safely.

  4. I spent three hours on the phone with Verizon before buying my 8830. They promised I could get asian characters. They lied.

    I use a third party app for some email, but can’t even get the phone to receive email from yahoo japan (it has a extension).


  5. guys, how can i download this to my blackberry, when i can’t even boot my blackberry? can’t start it up, after i tried downloading a them from this site!

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  8. favor de auxiliarme en la actualización de blacberry de 4.3 a 4.5, ya descargé lo necesario, lo que no me permite es borrar el archivo vendor. xml. en mi pc. que deb de hacer

  9. what happens if i dont delete “vendor.xml” and install an update from a different carrier?

  10. It won’t work. The BlackBerry Desktop Manager only recognizes a new OS that needs to be installed once the vendor.xml has been deleted.

  11. hello, i used javaloader to wipe my bb 8700 completely, now i need to reload latest os on it, please guide from where i can download the same and how to go about it. tx

  12. RE: Upgrading BlackBerry OS…

    I have a MAC and only use my BlackBerry (Pearl 8100 from AT&T) with that computer. I want to upgrade my OS from 4.2 to 4.5 and the AT&T site has the software, but only in .exe (Windows) format.

    How do I go about upgrading using my Mac?
    Or do I have to find a PC, install the desktop manager, and upgrade from there??

  13. Just upgrade to for Curve 8300.
    have problems with Bluetooth connection and the free memory management. Do you have the same problem with me? Any solution?

  14. hi! i am new to blackberry and to computer usage.i’m learn’n here by trial n error.i’m tryn to get oneSearch by yahoo apt. dnlded to my bb8330,customersuppert @ sprint are no help what so ever.also,when i try to watch video’s(youtube,emails),must times get ERROR msg. could someone please help?thnx.

  15. I have an 8330 BB phone & somehow over the last couple days I’ve lost my internet connection. The message i get reads ” your device does not currently have any browser configuration service book entries. Please contact your service provider to enable the browser on your device.” My service provider is cricket (No Help there). Can someone shed some light? would be appreciated!

  16. I have an 8330 and would like to upgrade the OS. Are the OS downloads on the BlackBerry sites exclusively model specific? CPU specific? Can you load, say, the OS for a 9000 onto an 8330?

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