Howto: Get BlackBerry Internet Access without Data Plan (example: China Mobile)

I read may be a dozen felt like millions articles about BlackBerry Internet access in China and all suggested to get a BlackBerry data plan in Hong Kong SAR and use the free roaming to get Internet access in China mainland. This guide does not need such a plan. You just need a GPRS enabled SIM card for your BlackBerry.

Finally I figured out how to get access to the Internet on my BlackBerry without a data plan. This howto is based on the following configuration:

The problem with the BlackBerry is that you always have a browser available. Even though this browser might not be accessible directly (no icon on your BlackBerry’s desktop) you can get to it by using the “task switcher”. So press “Alt+Esc” and a window appears that might be some kind of familiar when you are a Windows desktop user. By pressing “Esc” again while still holding “Alt” you can switch between applications. One of them should be the so called “BlackBerry Browser”. If I switch to that browser I get the following message:

Your device does not currently have any Browser Configuration Service Book Entries.

Please contact your service provider to enable the Browser on your device.

So it is not possible to use this browser. But who cares? I downloaded the Opera Mini to my PC and installed it on my BlackBerry. The installation is really really easy going! When the installation was finished I could see the red “O” on my BlackBerry’s desktop.

By pressing this “O” Opera Mini starts and tries several ways to establish a connection to the Internet. The first attempt failed like expected. But there came up an error message referring me to an help site of Opera Mini which I should visit using my desktop browser. So I did and found the provider search of them. Just some seconds later I got the results for China Mobile:

China Mobile: Manual Setup*
Address cmnet
Proxy Address
Port 80

Now I added cmnet to my BlackBerry’s “Options » Adv. Options » TCP » APN”. Proxy addess and port cannot be entered at my BlackBerry. But that is not so important I thought and went back to the Opera “O”, clicked on it and it tried to establish a connection to the Internet again. And finally, it worked! I couldn’t believe that! It’s not that I didn’t try that before but I never tried another browser than the BlackBerry’s. Well, I tried Minuet Browser (BlackBerry Edition) some months ago but it didn’t work.

I hope this helps a bit folks. Suggestions and additional information are highly appreciated, of course.

Opera Mini
Opera Mini Download Page
Opera Mini Provider Search

280 thoughts on “Howto: Get BlackBerry Internet Access without Data Plan (example: China Mobile)

  1. hi…im very new with this bb things…its like 0% of knowledge about it…can someone guide me until i understand and manage to use my bb (curve 8320) 100%..???by the way,i’m a Malaysian n i hope,someone out there willing to show me the tips and trick about bb…

  2. hi…im very new with this BB things . . . . its like 0% of knowledge about it . . .can someone guide me until i understand and manage to use my BB 8100 . . 100%..??? by the way,i’m a INDIAN n i hope,someone out there willing to show me the tips and trick about BB

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  5. Thanks for the info!
    I also have a China Mobile Sim card, and without a data plan. I can browse the internet (slowly) freely; but I want to be able to use the Gmail application too! Is it possible without a service plan?

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  7. Thanks for the info…
    I can access internet via opera mini in this manner for a few hours. Then the message no internet service blah blah comes in.
    To get opera to work again I gotcha take out the battery of my phone and allow the phone to restart :( well it’s pretty frustrating and i’m on the verge of giving that up! :S
    suggestions are welcome :)

  8. hlo e1, does any one know …how to use any wifi net (which is restricted by pass -log in page) for free.
    one of my frend do it by using Opera mini 10, but i fortunately i lost my friends contact number. he had a nokia e51 & opera mini 10…….when he turned on his wifi, his phone found a network & he connected , but when he tried to browse a page , the page redirected him to their (wifi provider) page & ask him to log in with user name & password…….after changing some option of opera mini 10 (likely …proxy,turbo off,othrs) he had succeed. bt i forgot that option he had changed…..does any one know how to do that??? if any one know thn let me know wth e-mail( thnx in advance.

  9. hi,I have a blackberry and its 9630..but i dont have any idea how to use it,im so curious how to open the internet so that I can use my facebook account and YM as well..I hope,when u read this u can help me through ur suggestion..Thanx ahead!By the way,im filipina..:D

  10. hai i have a perl 8011,, but i dont know to set its gPRS and internet connectiom… pls help me 

  11. i have a blackberry 8800 but cannot get onto the net even tho ive got the settings sorted theres no app or icon or anything??? 

  12. hi, my bro gave me his old blackberry bold but my rents are not letting me get the data plan. i heard you can access wi-fi if your in range of a network with out getting charged… is this true? and if so how do i do it?

  13. to access browser even though the message of “contact service provider” appears, do the following steps:

    1)OPTIONS-> Advanced Options->Host Routing Table
    2) Once in there press “menu” key and select Register Now 
    3) Exit, and at homescreen you should notice you received a text message… OPEN IT!
    4)Your registration was successful and your browser settings have been modified… YW! :)

  14. to make your blackberry faster !!!
    1)In homescreen hold “alt” key and type LGLG (your work won’t appear)
    2)A page full of typed words and numbers should appear… press “menu” and select CLEAR LOG
    3) DELETE
    4) Congrats you’ve erased all the filed errors from your blackberry and you’ll notice it has become faster :) 

  15. yes its true! but ahh i did it a year ago and settings have changed but im about to be told how to do it… as soon as I receive the info i’ll post it… 

    CLUE: service books installation and modification

  16. Hi Chris, Can you tell me how to make your BB faster for a BB Storm 2 9550(touch phone)

  17. please please please help dying to know how to use my blackberyy messenger in using blackberry bold2..

  18. i am having a blackberry playbook and XL internet broadband (wifi). possible link up so that playbook can serve wifi

  19. i have BlackBerry Bold-9700
    i intall Opera Mini Browser for it but it is not working on it and showing an error that NOT ALLOWED BY OPERATOR
    so how can i solve it , Kindly Help Me.

  20. Hie, i have a BB CUrve 8310 that says “Browser does not have config settings, how do i bypass/ customise my Browser setting to allow me to connect?

  21. hi, i am having BB9800 and having docomo sim in India,any one how to get internet with out BIS plan

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