Free Download: BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator (Only 5 hours online)

The waiting has an end!

BlackBerryInsight presents you the free download of the BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator which usually costs $20. We will charge you $20 $0 for that!

BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator

Here is an inline description of that program:

Wallpaper Generator for Blackberry
Easily create Blackberry Wallpapers from your own Photos!

Get your own Wallpaper in 3 easy steps:

1. Select the photo and the Blackberry device you are using

2. A selection tool will allow you to select an area of the image suited to your device

3. “Wallpaper Generator” will automatically crop, resize and optimize the picture for you specific Blackberry model

Simply mail the resulting file to your Blackberry and enjoy your own wallpaper!


  • » BlackBerry 7100 Series
  • » BlackBerry 7130 Series
  • » BlackBerry 7200 Series
  • » BlackBerry 7500 Series
  • » BlackBerry 7700 Series
  • » BlackBerry 8100 Series
  • » BlackBerry 8700 Series

Well, the BlackBerry 8800 is not mentioned there. But as the 8800 has the same screen dimensions like the 8700 series, you can just select one of them.

So here it is:

Free Download: BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator

(Valid from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Eastern Time) on March 1st 2007. For our international readers: 14:00 – 19:00 GMT/UTC)

We also have to mention that there is currently a discount of 25% off for our readers at the MobileSoftMarket.
Discount Code: V00A2C (can be entered at the end of the purchase process and is valid before 2007-03-31)

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26 thoughts on “Free Download: BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator (Only 5 hours online)

  1. Getting closer Steve, but the link brings down a zero byte file. We have an hour left, anyone got an answer?

  2. If the timestamps on the above comments are any indication, the site probably thinks the timeframe to download has already passed. The time is currently 1:53 EST.

  3. good call, Samuel. Indeed, good call. Keen sense of observation. Enthralling vision on the issue at hand. Well played, sir, well played.

  4. Sorry guys! My mistake, obviously I must have messed something up. :(

    I updated the download link and bumped the time up to 24 hours.

    Here is the link again: Free Download: BlackBerry Wallpaper Generator.

    Anyway, I can finally see some more comments in here. That’s really nice! 😉

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