Pimp up my Pearl!

Just found that nice article at gizmodo called “DIY: Change the Color of BlackBerry Pearl Trackball”

As a Pearl user – of course – I am interested in that!

All you need to do is take apart the Pearl trackball casing and color over the LEDs with a colored permanent marker of your liking.

Well, I am not sure to do this “modification” with my Pearl too. You know, it’s permanent and I will not be able to change it back.

Somehow it reminded me to the Black Pearl :)

The original article “Trackball Disassembly, LED Color Change & Reassembly” was written by BlackBerryForums member SanFrancisco and contains a lot of pictures as well as a detailed howto.

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  1. [...] Today it was enough! The problem is, I cannot afford to loose that phone for maybe several weeks while it will be repaired. So I searched forums, googled (even yahooed) and found a lot of stuff which had not really an answer to my question. I remembered an article some months ago which mentioned the coloring the of the Pearl’s trackball by coloring the LED beneath the trackball. Finally I realized that removing the pearl’s cover would the best way to get access to its sensor and clean it. By the way, this should work for all BlackBerry devices that carry a trackball around like BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, 8800 and 8830. [...]

  2. John Thomas says:

    There is a piece of software that does that: “Pimp My Pearl”. Not only you can select your color but also create some cool lighting effects such as Disco, Dimmer, Flash. etc… You can try the software at http://www.mobireport.com

  3. [...] Das war genug für diesen Tag! Das Problem besteht darin, dass ich es mir nicht leisten kann auf das Gerät für vielleicht mehrere Wochen zu verzichten, während es repariert wird. Deshalb suchte ich in Foren, googlete (yahoote sogar) und fand viele Einträge die allesamt keine wirkliche Lösung zu meinem Problem darstellten. Ich erinnerte mich an einen Artikel von vor einigen Monaten, der beschrieb, wie man die Farbe des Pearl Trackballs ändern kann, indem man die LED-Leuchte unterhalb des Trackballs farbig gestaltet. Schließlich realisierte ich, dass das Entfernen der Hülle des Pearl-Gerätes die beste Möglichkeit wäre, Zugriff zum Trackball-Sensor zu bekommen und diesen zu reinigen . Dies sollte übrigens für BlackBerry-Geräte funktionieren, die einen Trackball haben, wie BlackBerry Pearl, Curve, 8800 und 8830. [...]

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