How to synchronize my BlackBerry with my Desktop Computer (Microsoft Windows)

*UPDATE*: This article has been updated. You may find the latest version in the How To: Get Started With BlackBerry Desktop Manager article series.

BlackBerry Pearl

Note: If you have a Mac OS X / Macintosh machine you should take a look to How to synchronize my BlackBerry with my Desktop Computer (Mac OS X).

Synchronizing your BlackBerry with your desktop computer is a must! It just works incredibly fine and is easy going to set up. This article is meant to help you to get this working. If you have already set it up and you think it is fine you can just skip this article. But if you are not sure your setting is correct – but it is working actually – you should keep reading and check whether you have set it up right.

We wil cover the following parts of your BlackBerry and desktop application for synchronization:

  • Address Book
  • Calendar
  • MemoPad
  • Tasks

Please keep in mind that we are not covering the synchronization of E-Mails in this article. We will do so later I guess. The setup that is used for this presention is as followed:

  • BlackBerry Pearl (BlackBerry OS 4.2 from HKCSL)
  • BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Desktop Computer
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 Enterprise Edition

You can use this procedure for your setup as well. E.g. you are using another BlackBerry model (72xx, 87xx or 71xx) the setup is the nearly the same. To get your computer’s data synchronized with your BlackBerry and vice versa proceed as followed:

  1. Be sure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Software installed on your desktop computer already.
  2. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.
  3. Connect your BlackBerry with your computer via USB.
  4. Click on Synchronize.

    BlackBerry Desktop Manager

  5. Activate the Synchronize organizer data checkbox.

    BlackBerry Synchronize

  6. Click on the Configuration tab and click on the Configure synch… button.

    BlackBerry Synchronize Configuration

  7. Select all data checkboxes you want your BlackBerry being synchronized to.

    BlackBerry Device Configuration

  8. By selecting the data you have to select the program that stores your data on your desktop computer. As I am using Outlook from Microsoft I have selected this program. But you can select another one as well. It just depends on the program you are running.
  9. That’s it. Now go back and you can select the Synchronize now button at the synchronize dialog.

    BlackBerry Synchronize Now

  10. If you want your BlackBerry being synchronized every time you connect it to your desktop computer you better select Synchronize the items selected above… checkbox.

    BlackBerry Automatic Synchronization

Hint: The program on the right – NextAction! – is compatible with PocketMac and therefor with all applications PocketMac can synchronize your BlackBerry with. It is world’s best GTD application for BlackBerry® Wireless Handhelds!

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241 thoughts on “How to synchronize my BlackBerry with my Desktop Computer (Microsoft Windows)

  1. I cannot find the fields ’email address 1′ 2 and 3 on either side of the mapping screen to map email addresses from the outlook exported CSV file.
    Please help.

  2. How do you synchronize Outlook email folders from your laptop to a Blackberry Curve 8320?

    Can the Desktop Manager be update?

  3. i am unable to download software disc which comes with the phone on my laptop but its not accepting the disc my laptop dive throws the disc out and i try download from the blackberry site but the format is not supportingg can u help me with the problem so i can download desktop manager as i have no desktop manager set up yet


  4. Each time I try to synchronize my BB with my PC, the BB Desktop Manager tells me to have the computer on the internet. Meanwhile it is connected to the internet. What can I do?

  5. Hi.

    I have got the BB 8900 Javelin and the Desktop manger 4.7. I would like to synchronise only my contacts and calendar, but the Desktop Manager does not give me the option to select my Microsoft Outlook 2000 data. I unfortunately can’t put any other MS Office on, since it is my company’s property. Any suggestions? Hope someone can help me, this is making me crazy!

  6. I have the same issue as Barine Gbosi from 02.13.2010…

    I have a BBBold 9700 and it’s telling me to connect to the internet before synchronization when it already is..
    My BB Desktop Manager Version is:

    If you could help as well.. Thank you!!


  7. In Item 7 of your sample above you show Outlook is listed I do not have that choice it only list Outlook Express which I don’t use. Outlook is not being recognized. I’ve made changes in both my address book of express and outlook and my Blackberry Curve 8330 will not show those changes. Can you help

  8. Wow… common prob of Outlook [2000 Professional] not being recognized when trying to set up sync feature on new 8530 model with desktop mgr v5.0.1. VERY maddening!

  9. how can i reset my phone from my pc. actualy i want to formatt it. i chose a theme thats made my view invisible an d nw i cant see what the heck im choosing, is it a bug? i have a bb 8800 uk model

  10. My blackberry is all synced up perfect. Except messages sent from my PC in Outlook do not appear on my blackberry sent mail – is this possible please?

  11. I have yet to see an answer to one of the main questions on this forum. Will BB synch with Windows Vista Calendar? The answer that keeps getting put up works great for XP and Outlook. What about Vista Calander (not 2003/2007 Outlook).

  12. I walked through all the steps to synchronize my BB 8320 to my outlook. It works for everything except the Calendar. Did it twice to make sure… it updates the tasks, memo pad and contacts, but no calendar. Please advise.


  13. I use the blackberry bold 9000, i tried to sync the phone with my laptop but it does not work. Secondly i cant view MO 07 on my bold, i thought if i should download the latest enterprise serve version maybe it might work but am not sure about that. Any help on these matters,what software downloads or applications do i need. thanks

  14. I’ve owned my BlackBerry Curve 8530 for about 3 months now and thought I had figured out this whole Outlook sync thing. I have recently noticed that if I sync it two times in a row it will come up with completely different items to sync each time. It doesn’t matter how many times I sync it I will always have items that didn’t show up on the previous sync. What am I doing wrong?

  15. I am trying to synch my outlook and my BB, but i got a message that says my BB is configured for wireless synch…how do I change it so that I can synch with my BB connected to my PC? The current set up doesn’t transfer from the BB to my outlook calendar, only the other way around.

  16. Help requested loading Outlook calendar/contacts


    I need help please. I am using Windows 7.
    I have “successfully” loaded my Outlook contacts and calendar on my Storm 2 9550.
    Now, how do I find them? I have checked every under every possible icon on the screen and cannot find Outlook.
    I do not have an exhange server, just a laptop!

    Larry H

  17. I have windows 7, outlook 2007, and a BB storm 9550. Just bought the computer and am trying to sync. My contacts have transferred to the computer but not the calendar appointments. Verizon said it sounded like Outlook was not set up correctly. I have my yahoo email account linked with the BB but Outlook wont take the info for Yahoo. It does take the info for my Comcast email but wont sync the calendar. I live by Outlook, any help is greatly appreciated!!

  18. Where can i download blackberry desktop software for windows vista for the blackberry model 8700g?



  19. Have been succesffully synching my BB to Outlook for past 3 years – Now suddenly – its frozen. It accept the password / recognises the BB pin # but the BB Desktop Manager goes all grey & cannot click on “Synchronize” or any of the other buttons –

    Am using:
    1) BB Curve 8900
    2) Windows Vista
    3) Outlook 2007
    4) BB Desk Top Manager 5.0

    Appreciate any help i could get.


  20. I used a previous desktop manager, and everything was fine. But I successfully updated my Desktop Manager for 6.0 version. And now, I don´t have an Outlook option in my Organize configuration. Outlook do not appear in application list for synchronization. How can I resolve this problem?
    Thanks in advance,

  21. You might want to visit the blackerry website and make sure you have the latest version of the desktop manager instald>

  22. Hey guys, so I have the new blackberry torch and I followed the above instructions to sync outlook with my blackberry which i did…however, I also created folders under my inbox on my computer in outlook with specific rules so when a certain person emails me, it goes into the specified folder. When syncing my email however, all that is synced with my blackberry is my regular inbox messages(the ones that dont have a specified rule) and not the ones that I created rules for in specified folders. I would like to have these synced too but cant figure out how. Please someone help!

  23. my black berry desktop manager software not Synchronies my microsoft outlock 2007 all data Synchronies but calendra not install error

  24. I’ve come to a brick wall in first step – when I choose to synchronise i am told I need an internet connection on the computer which doesn’t make sense as I am connected to the internet – any ideas? thanks

  25. this worked to a certain extent but on my blackberry a lot of the contact information in my outlook such as addresses and email addresses and even some phone numbers didn’t transfer across onto my blackberry!

  26. i want to transfer my microsoft live calendar to my bb curve but cannot do it using this info. in the gonfiguration part I’m given the choice of using some other types of calendare but not mine which is through hotmail. any solutions?? I really need to do this for work and cannot find anyone that can figure it out – many freinds with BB cannot use their computer calendars either on their BB…help please.

  27. trying to copy my bb 8900 contacts to my desktop,
    bb desktop software does not let me check the contact box nor the rest of the boxes,
    any one can help , pls

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